Can’t Keep a Good Dog Down ~

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Today, it’s about “The Girls!”  Pardon if it’s slightly picture heavy… I got some good ones (I think!), so I can’t wait to share! 

Georgia was spayed last week, and it kept her down for almost exactly 24 hours, and then ~ just like that ~ (imagine snapping fingers here!) … this beautiful, strong, sweet-tempered pup was back in full form.  And I do mean FULL-ON!  All … 27 pounds!

 We kept her away from the pool… but it wasn’t long before she was scratching and whining for it.   So… back to normal, she has her pool back, where  hours of cool, splashing entertainment is hers to have any ol’ time!

 I {still} love to capture on camera, the contrast of her white eyelashes, which are only on that one side of her face, against the black spot and what appears to look like like eye makeup, in the form of eyeliner, on her eye.

 She is one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve ever had, and it’s so fun for me! Her expressions are priceless. 

 There is absolutely no doubt, she is full of personality -PLUS some!

 And she loves having someone splash the water for her to catch!

 And then there is the late-afternoon, and/or nightly ‘Puppy Chase’ when the temps cool down.  

 Savannah is starting to come out of her shell a little bit more with us, but she goes all out with Georgia.  And these two go at it, all. the. time.  Although she doesn’t like the water, period.  We had a real cracker of a lightning and thunder storm Saturday evening; so I got up, let the girls in before it was right on us, and just in time.  They bounded into bed with us.  {imagine that} – and Georgia, all excited.  Licking our faces {this is after after midnight} – Savannah just barely licks, and all nice n’ lady-like, tucks herself right in beside ya. {So glad we have a king-size bed}

The {very sweet} Brown-Eyed Girl! She has made a great doggy sister for Georgia, and they are good friends…

Share and share alike?
Hmmm.  Let me think on that!

Georgia is almost 5 1/2 months old now; she’s getting so long-legged …  and powerful, like a Mack Truck! I think Savannah will eventually be able to run right underneath her, just like one of those sleek, beautiful, elegant sports cars!

Thanks for checkin’ in with us today!  Have a great Monday!  I have lots to share with you this week; hope you’ll be back to check it out!

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  1. Lucky Dogs! Nice pics Leslie, and thanks for the cool doggie blogging. Hey I want to make Georgia and Savannah dog collars! I would like their neck measurments; which is usually around mid neck, and measured a bit loose..not tight! I make them with growing room. I will send you choices of collar styles fabrics, trims and ribbons!

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