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hello friends ~  

weird things going on in subscribing to the blog, so i’ve been told… these computer/google issues are something that i don’t completely understand, and i do not know why some of you are not getting my blog in your feed anymore, or that it is not updating… i have tried deleting the gadgets…  feed/follow by email, etc and re-entering them. if anyone out there knows something i don‘t… let me know, pretty please? and thank you!

onward!  well… i have been hunkered down at work.  that means my normal 8-5 work day turns into 9-10 hours.  it also means not as much ‘down’ time for me at home, to relax, and unwind.  and i have to say it’s not quite so easy as it once seemed ... those many, {younger} years before! 

this is why:  the jury project. processing jury qualification questionnaires.  135,000 of them.  every other year.  it sure seems to come around alot faster than it used to!   even though we ‘went online’ this year where folks could complete the form online… not too many people jumped at the chance.   so… here’s a picture of a ‘normal’ day now at work, and ‘the piles’ as i call them.

24 years.  that’s how long i’ve been doing jury qualification in the 27 year-long career at federal court.  it’s definitely a challenge reading these {yes we do read each one} and processing the massive amount of paper, as i open each one {with a machine}, organize them, sort, read, process scan and file it all, for each of the five montana divisions of federal court

a sense of humor is a must… some days it can be quite elusive {nasty notes & nasty phone calls from the public}. regardless, we do our best to shine throughout the shadows ~ this is our job as public servants… this is what we do.  

so this year, i picked the theme song ~ from the Partridge Family show so many years ago! {tongue in cheek} Remember it?  “c‘mon everybody.. there‘s a song that we’re singing’… cmon get happppy…”  

… so there’s my perfect lead-in to this piece!

and that is exactly the gift i received as i paused before entering into the building one early morning.  thank God!  {and that’s precisely the point!}

help us.  help us.  help us.
thank you… thank you. thank you.  {all the day long!}

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  1. Woah, that's a lot of mail.

    I hope you are able to get blog stuff straightened out. It can be rather frustrating knowing a bit and yet not quite enough and sometimes i really think its Blogger issues and nothing us bloggers did!

    Have a great week & PEACE,

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