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hello ~

thank you everyone, for answering the question i posed to you about your favorite threads, colors, and styles, in the last superior threads giveaway post!  i enjoyed reading your responses and it’s fun to look at those eye-popping colors isn’t it? and i’m with ya … i want them all… but more than that, i really just love playing with all the possibilities thread gives. such gorgeous texture, color, and beautiful lines of design are at our fingertips with gorgeous thread.  

speaking of thread, here’s a couple photos of my progress on the flower applique project, onto which i added red razzle dazzle thread to my flower shapes, in a free motion spiral motif.  this dark red thread has some black in it, too.  i’ve  named her “carmen” ~ yup, i made it up.  it’s the perfect color, and just like the character of carmen, this thread has lots of drama and sparkle.  {my last remembrance of carmen was in the olympics, with skaters who danced to the music of carmen in their routine}

perhaps carmen will be the name i eventually give this quilt, too. {we shall see!}

i added more decorative stitching on the stem and leaves, in a bright green magnifico thread.  what a performance-enhancing thread this is!  {no need for any steroids} it’s a natural for stunning threadplay.    

and matching the razzle dazzle blue color of the petal flowers, i added it to the perimeter edges of the stem and leaves, too.

below:  the “triple straight stitch” {a basic utility-type stitch on most every machine} in the center, with just one line, and then just a simple straight stitch, {lengthened out}  in a slightly curvy line on my way back to the center.  when i was done with those lines, i flipped it around to the back and added razzle dazzle.  i know.  i can’t help myself.  well, i guess i really could… but then what would be the point? 

and some bobbin play in the background… i’m not really sure where this is going… but it’s gonna be a fun trip… !

 and the finale…  that would be you, dear readers.

and the winner of the $25 gift certificate:  stitched by me! her comment: “I LOVE thread and am taking you up on an extra chance to win by sharing your blog post. My blog post was also tweeted just in case that gets yet me another chance to win! 🙂 Thank you for your awesome inspiration!” 

and if you like razzle dazzle thread, i’ve also got some extra spools of razzle dazzle to give away too… they go to: “pk sews” and “five shadows.” 

everyone, please contact me {} with your addresses, k?

thanks for making the giveaway so much fun!  please… please come back next month for the next superiorly superior thread giveaway!

blessed i am, and i hope you are too!

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  1. Love the Razzle Dazzle… always! 🙂 Fun trip you are on 😀
    Congratulations to the winners!!! Wooo HOOOO!!! Way to rock the threads!
    Thank you always Leslie!!!

  2. Good golly, Miss Molly! You are having too much thready fun. And by too much, I mean I wish I were joining you. You are giving me so many ideas, now if someone could give me more time!

    How does Magnifico compare to Superior's Highlights thread?

  3. Leslie, You certainly know how to bring your fabric creations to life with thread!
    Thanks so much for drawing my name as the winner of the gift certificate. I sent you a message with my contact info.
    Congrats, too, to pk sews and five shadows for winning the Razzle Dazzle.

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