checkerboard squares ~ finished on my bernina mid arm q20

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morning everyone ~

i posted about this beauty; the quilt top i pieced this past summer season… so beautiful with the kaffe fasset shot cottons, stripes and plaids.  it was a very windy day, and i had such fun taking the photos of it… looking at them again reminds me of the poem, “all things bright and beautiful” as it hangs in the august sunlight:

and i was very excited to take it and get started quilting it on the mid arm, my bernina q20}:

i decided to change the quilted motif from large, soft round swirls to big pointy sun-like points surrounding it.  it’s really a challenge for my brain to go from soft to sharp edges, but by the end of it… i got pretty good at it!

a bit funky at times, but ya gotta start somewhere!  for batting, i used “dream orient” from the company “quilters dream batting.”  this batting is made from a blend of bamboo, silk, cotton and botanic tercel fibers.  smooth. {no scrim!!}  and you can stitch up to 8″ apart.   a luxury batting no question! and i love quilting with it.  for those of you who may not know what scrim is, it’s the very fine, loose netting-type stuff that holds the batting fibers together, but this company has developed a batting that doesn’t use it.  thankfully!  and it’s about time.  scrim can really cause thread/tension issues if you don’t know which side it’s on, {i always tried to place it back side down when quilting} but it was so dang hard to tell which side it was on, and well… who needs that?

and … almost there… nearly finished!  one of the {many} features i love about my mid-arm, is that it uses ALL of my bernina feet!  no extra stuff to buy/start over with.  and the presser foot raises with just the tap of my heel on the foot pedal, just like the other bernina’s i’ve owned.  yay!

we enjoyed this pretty little darling as part of the  autumn decorations in our home, {until it recently sold ~ thank you so much}.   

now… time to replace it ~  next quilt top up is a ‘ufo’ from over ten years ago, and several special custom orders.  i can’t wait!  love that my ‘piles are an endless exchange of up and down!

here’s to the quilts that finish, and to those that are begun ~  have a blessed day!

soli deo gloria.

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  1. That quilt was/is a happy quilt. I'm so excited for you about the mid arm! I had no idea Bernina made one until I saw yours. Today while I was quilting….made a few baubbles when I hit the side of the throat and thought "Boy if I had a mid arm that wouldn't happen"!

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