child’s play with gelli prints

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hey there ~

i love making gelli-printed papers. the whole process is fascinating just playing with the color and textures… then there’s the challenge of  actually using those pretty prints in some type of artistic expression.  this time, i cut them up into petal shapes and glued them into my sketchbook, using gel medium.  

and who doesn’t like to cut, glue and paste?  it’s just good, clean, child’s play!   i hope i never grow out of the joy of this simple, and timeless activity!    

i added  black pen highlights in a lighter, more fine-tip of a permanent black ink pen, and white dot centers with a sharpie white paint pen.

the background is just a watercolor wash; a combination of peerless watercolor paper and a dab or two of twinkling h2o’s, too.

and while these petals are all flat, i think it would be more visually interesting to ruffle, tear, and crumple some to make wrinkles and extra texture.  next time!

i finished these two pages by adding a phrase written by one of my favorite authors and christian writers, max lucado. 

it’s time for a little lake vacation with my favorite girls ever at the swan family cabin on flathead lake.  we are sooo blessed to have this week together.  what a special treat. i’ve packed my fave recipe book {i love to cook/bake for them}, some reading, my gelli plate, paints, and all kinds of fun art supplies for us to play with for just a little slice of heaven on earth for the week…
i wonder if i packed too much art stuff? {just maybe!}


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  1. I just learned about Gelli today! Where have I been, right? I'm just getting into fabric design. I'm curious to look at your post on trying it on fabric! New follower!
    Gina @ Gina's Craft Corner

  2. I love sharing art supplies with others – we always have the most fun and get the best results – and the bonus is I get creatively energized! Have a great week – sounds like a wonderful time – favorite people in a favorite setting with good food and fun. Enjoy!

  3. I love to play around like that as well – I also find it very relaxing. I still don't have a gelli plate, but one day…

  4. dont think you packed too much! love your art and I have to get my gelli plate back out! have fun with your girls 🙂

  5. Sounds like the best fun ever. There's nothing like sharing time, art and creativity with the best of friends in a beautiful spot! Have a great week!

  6. ah, yes. To actually use all these lovely papers! lol Like you, I find them such fun to make. Have a blessed week with your friends. Heart the art and the fellowship!

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