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hi everyone ~

several years ago, i had the sweet pleasure to quilt feather motifs into a large piece of faux leather at the request of my friend chris daly.   at that time, she wanted to make the quilted fabric into handbags, ipad covers, and such.  so i sent the finished piece to her, and she writes back how much she loves it… but she ‘just can’t cut into it.’  huh?  well, it’s just proof that everything has it’s own special timing…  

since then, chris has purchased a retreat business: “woodland ridge quilt retreat”. and last week on facebook, she posted how she finally had the nerve to cut into that piece of quilted fabric. what did she do?  she turned them into pillows, for some  chairs at the retreat center. “woodland ridge retreat center” {like their facebook page by clicking on that link}.  here’s a look at those chairs without the pillows:

and, now with their “makeover!”  lol  the faux leather is a wonderful accent to these “woodland”  chairs!

and i love the size she made them into, too:

faux leather is absolutely washable, and very durable.  they look fabulous!  i was just blown away by how cool they turned out;  what a great idea! 

and you can see more about this beautiful retreat center on their web page: www://

what a beautiful place, huh?  and take a look at these gorgeous, bright, rooms.  i hope someday… i will be able to go!  as a teacher, and as a student!!  i can just imagine a  collage class there with lots of room to spread out?!

 well,  it’s on my hit list… and perhaps it can be on yours, too!

looks very inviting in every aspect.  i’m so excited for chris as she has poured her heart into this new business.  so won’t you please go check it all out online {or in person?!}  

thank you chris, for making beautiful art happen in so many ways.  you are a genius, and i just wish you all the best in pursuing your dreams.  and… i am so grateful to know you  ~ God bless ya!

soli deo gloria!

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