Christmas Cheer

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This quilt is a favorite Christmas piece we enjoy putting up every Christmas in our home.  Made by a friend whom I cherish, and given in the love of Jesus from my sewing buddy and Sister in Christ, Mary, who lives here in Great Falls.

 A lovely gift, one that will definitely become an heirloom in the McNeil home.  

 She knows that details are everything, from charming little buttons that reflect the Christmas Nativity, to beads, and from button tabs to plaid patchwork, and perfect, hand-stitched words! A lovely treasure.  

We need to make a few more trips down the stairs, and the tree will be finished.  In the meantime, ‘these are a few of our favorite things.’ 

My Mom made the “popcorn” crocheted garland that’s on the tree. Simple, and charming in and of itself!  I’ve been putting it on our tree for well over 20 years now.

 I found stored away in it’s original box, a charming antique (the box said 79 cents on it and that’s an antique in my book!) which is a plastic nativity scene that came from  my Grandma Ila. 

Fondness for things of the past, no matter they are plastic.  It’s in pristine condition, and I should have taken a photo of the box!  It said “.79 cents” on it!  Amazing…

 And a decorative tin from Mary Engelbreit that’s been a favorite for many years, which held a set of notecards: “Out of Darkness We Have Light” — oh yes, thank you Lord, WE DO!  

All is calm.  All is bright!


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  1. The quilt is beautiful….I have really enjoyed your blog, seeing all the fantastic projects you have made…..looking forward to the creative new year…can't wait to see what you make next…… I hope you have a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2012….

  2. Love the buttons your friend sent for you….I needed them for a planned project and tried making them out of fimo. Worked pretty well, actually, but a couple of them weren't quite as flat as I think they probably should be. They are gorgeous, gorgeous buttons!
    Merry Christmas.

  3. How special are your decorations. Wonderful quilt. I luv the tins and especially 'out of darkness we have LIGHT'! A merrily majestic menagerie!

  4. The little quilt is so unusual with the button nativity scene inside the words. A lovely treasure. Your tree is looking very festive and I love all the special ornaments.

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