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hello there ~

it’s true. the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful with our current christmas weather!  5 above and a nice chilly wind make it 16 below {or so!}  but who’s reading the thermometer?! 

it’s time to be cozy in your sewing room, isn’t it?  or to just sit back and enjoy a cup of your favorite hot liquid and put it on a cute little mug rug while your toasting your toes by the fire!

in getting ready for the art and craft show this coming weekend, i made some mug rugs, using the quilt-as-ya-go’ methodology, and some delightful scraps from yesterday’s post in from the cold christmas placemats, too. 

and then that sweet little bernina foot #43 showed up to add it’s special touch of christmas embellishment. 

it works as like this: cords ~ approximately 2mm in width, are fed directly into the foot, from a side vent, and then in through the top, into a center hole in the sole, to be fed into the needle, and which can then be freely quilted in any direction you desire with the feed dogs lowered – letting you create all kinds of wonderful, imaginative lines, patterns and shapes {in no time flat!}

i used some wool yarn that was hand-dyed in christmas reds for my couching:


sending warm wishes for a few quiet moments of steaming cocoa, coffee, tea or cider!

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  1. Cute cute. You are getting some wicked weather out your way aren't you. I chatted with my friend in Wyoming yesterday and she says cold cold. xox

  2. Leslie, I love your mug rugs! I am so in love with your Bernina! lol I also loved the round placemats. Brilliant and your color choices are wonderful.
    I received my two spools of Razzle Dazzle and they are THEBOMB.COM! I tried out some bobbin work right away… just putzing. I've not tried the Fantastico yet. I did get some clear Monopoly which I adore.
    Now… all that said… be safe over/up there with all the cold weather. I'll share a cuppa with you and stay warm!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

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