Christmas Placemats

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Here is a simple fused placemat project; once you do the first one, the others will be half the time!  I can now make a set of four in two hours.

 For two placemats: I cut four rectangles; two of base fabric and two of accent fabric; each  approx 13″ x 18″ and then freehand cut two of the accent fabric rectangles  into several pieces; each with soft curved design.  I took those freshly cut, curved pieces, and spray basted  them onto the base/bottom fabric.  You can also stitch them down too if you prefer. I then added batting, backing, and began quilting using a free motion couching foot (the Bernina Foot #43) to couch pretty hand dyed yarn on those curvy edges.  Then I used the Bernina #39 with a small hole in the front of the foot, and using a very narrow zig zag, couched a thick silver thread, which was Ricky Tims Razzle Dazzle or you can use YLI candlelight too, right next to the yarn.  I then added some decorative stitches, and finally, it was quilted free motion with Christmas phrases, as well as additional “whirly” quilting in silver, using Superior Threads Glitter thread. The binding fabric was fused to Steam-A-Seam fusible web, and then cut into two inch strips.  I then took those two inch strips, and “freely” cut them right down the middle (the best eyeballin’ you got!), cutting them into  one inch strips, using  a wave rotary blade. Fuse onto the placemat (once you have it squared up of course!); I prefer to line up the strip with the back of the placemat, and gauge placement, then wrap the edge to the front and fuse permanently.  Finish with a triple straight stitch for a nice finishing touch.  FUN and “Simply CHRISTMAS!” If you would like a GENERALIZED list of “how to” put it all together, please email me at

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