christmas plaid ~ april cornell fabrics

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hey folks ~ greetings!

as i was tidying up a few weeks ago, i took some minutes to go through the ufo stack.  it’s probably… about fifteen quilts deep.  this runner, just simply pieced squares has languished because i have just felt it was “blah.”  so it goes! i decided it was past time to “just do it” and get it finished, regardless.

a time for everything {to be finished} in the winter sun ~ eh?


a very simple finish… quilting on the diagonal through each of the squares.  i think it lingered so long because i just wanted to do more… but the fabrics in this piece, from april cornell, really don’t need much quilting, although that would have been fine in the end as well.   

the back is a sweet christmassy word print!

and no, i did not measure or draw a line.  i’ve sewn enough bindings on the diagonal, so while it may not be absolutely straight in each and every square… it’s perfect for a finish, and ready to come out and play!

looks pretty on our dark dining room table, and a very festive one, too.

merry christmas days to you all.

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  1. You chose so well and why is it that we 'feel' we must run for that ruler!!!! Your 'finish' has wonderfully 'spoken' to me with its Merry Christmas message and I thank you!!!! Hugs……..

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