Christmas Tree ~ Mixed Media Canvas

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O Christmas Tree ~ 

I made this canvas a couple months ago, preparing for my November Art Show in my hometown, Chester, MT. 

I was inspired to make this tree piece, sparked by some white stretch-knit, lacey fabric I’ve had for awhile.  I bought it to make scarves from it, and of course, had some fabric leftover.  I started this piece by cutting it into 1-2 inch strips, and then further cutting it into little squares.

I layered the little pieces of fabric into the shape of a tree, and then sprayed it with my Dylusions spray inks in green, turquoise, and a dab of golden yellow here and there.  I also added a red bead-like trim which I snipped from one of my Christmas arrangements. {it will never be missed}!

The snowflakes, made out of chipboard, were painted white, and of course, I glittered them, as well! They got caught in a bit of the overspray of the blue color; unplanned – totally love the effect!

And while I was pinching some of the red beads from the flower arrangement, I also stole some sprays of red berries too.  

I used my snowflake stencil {the same one I use for my painstik applications, from Cedar Canyon Textiles}, and added white acrylic paint to modeling paste, and swiped it through the stencil. It’s a fun touch at the  bottom of the tree trunk, too. I love playing with this kind of stuff!

Scrapbooking papers were also part of the background, and then the usual stamping, doodling, and layering with my black pen, stamps, etc. 

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?  I’m starting to mail out cards… but have not done any baking yet.  Soon {I hope!}

Merry Christmas = JOY {every day!}

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  1. Serious cuteness. As I was scrolling down through your excellent prelude I was getting impatient to see it. It was reading like a good book. No disappointment. Looks good enough to eat. I think you have outdid yourself on this one.

  2. You do make your art look SO easy!!! I love your card I rec'd with my wonderful pin! I even put a picture of it on my blog post today! Now it sits on the mantel with the other Christmas cards!!

  3. Wow, Leslie! You are just so darn creative. Everything you do looks like you had a blast making it! Maybe that's what makes your art so special!
    I've pulled the cards out but haven't worked up the energy to write any.

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