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Hi there ~

It’s been a rock n’ roll week… but I‘ve tried to be diligent in my sewing studio these past few weekends… preparing for my art show in November, in my hometown of Chester, MT, and cleaning up, finishing up!

I have very much enjoyed a bit of ‘traditional’ sewing and quilting in making fourteen turkey placemats!  I’m tellin’ ya – sewing a bunch of straight lines takes a bit of discipline for me! But even better news, most are sold!  Thank you Donna and Ann!  I’m so grateful for your support, and encouragement!

I’ve become quite fond of this classic round shape, and decided to get out some beautiful {older} fabrics and make an original design, using some easy-cut die shapes, some crocheted ‘stuff’ {cuz I don’t know what to call it}, and a BIG BOLD BEAUTIFUL red button.  {Love this button!}  

I bought this crochet piece from a seller on Etsy, and it came in a bunch of vintage linens I purchased.  You may recall that I used this as trim for my mixed media owl’s eyes.  

 Which I have now hung in our living room with a fall silk flower arrangement to enjoy together.

 And a bit of an update about our sweet puppies:

 They adore coffee.  Or make that coffee CREAMER in the coffee {just like me ~ imagine that!} and now it’s  become part of our weekend morning routine. I can’t imagine how they became so fond of it… 🙂

No surprise ~ Georgia will do anything, to get her large nose  – err – make that tongue – into the cup to slurp up some creamy goodness?! 

 And no, I don’t drink it after they do!  This is my second cup… and I’m not always much a ‘full cup – second cup’ coffee drinker.  It’s just for “the girls!”  :)

Oh… yeah.  Back to the quilting!  I happily free-motioned the edge of the crocheted flower piece for a fast and simple attachment.

And as I dived into my button jar, I renewed my love affair with big bold buttons!  Isn’t this red one a beauty?!!  The dimensional accent of the crochet flower and button just seems to finish it off perfectly.  I think of it not as a placemat, but as decorative, and beautiful autumnal centerpiece, and I like it!  A little bit of old… a little bit of new!

And it has inspired me to do more pieces!

Just a bit of a teaser… October is my Blog Anniversary month!  That means I have several giveaways planned! It may take a couple weeks until I get it all together {ahem!}… but I’ve been asked to do a couple product reviews, which will include giving away one of each of those products, and even an interview, {whew} and I’ve got a few things to give away myself! 

I’d better get BUSYIER  {i know it’s not a word – just to emphasize double-busy!}

I pray you have a great big abundant day of love whatever you’re doing!

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  1. You do such beautiful work! I spent some time perusing your pretty treasures last week and each of your pieces are a genuine work of art!

  2. I love the mixed media piece with the crocheted flower and the owl. I hadn't seen it before. How pretty it looks with your table arrangement!
    I love watching the antics of the puppies!

  3. You have been busyier! (I think that should be a word, actually.) The table topper is great! And your caffeine addicted puppies are wonderful, those silly puppies.

  4. It's beautiful Leslie! I love the FMQ you have done – it just makes it! And yes, the red button is perfect :*)

  5. So good to see your quilting posts again! And those pups – aren't they great! We had a cat once that loved peppermint tea – always had his little saucer of it when we had our evening tea and dessert and then wanted to dip that little head into our mugs too!

  6. Coffee for the pups! LOL I really like the round placemat. I just sorted buttons and this is such a cool idea. Busy! yes I have two very busy house guests. I won't be giving them any coffee. Sugar neither! lol Time to round them up and button them down. Looking forward to your reviews, Les.

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