classy rustic gunny sack pillows ~

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one of our traditions for “us girls at the lake” is to sew!  i know.  hard to imagine, isn’t it.  lol

and this newlywed young woman we all love… miss rachel, wanted to make pillows for her new home from some really cool, old antique {flour or grain sacks, i’m not sure which}. she found three of them for $15 apiece at an antique store, took them home and washed them.

and of course, when we laid eyes on them, we all thought they were very cool.  classic.  and so we began brainstorming styles… and sewing decisions.  really fairly simple to overlap the backs, and sew up the top and bottom after we cut the center motif, and then sew an inch wide flange.  i suggested she use the triple straight stitch in a contrasting color, for strength and durability.

and since she had three experienced ‘older chicks’ and one very nice bernina sewing machine available, she made the most of her opportunities!

we {ahem}… she … had fun utilizing some of the basic stitches like the good ol’ zig zag, to finish the back side of the pillow combined with some added decorative stitches, like the ones seen below:

aren’t they so fun?  they will look good on her leather couch:

i particularly was enamored with the patched, stitched holes that were already in the canvas… such great texture!

classic, graphic styles from the old days… love!

and i’m tellin’ ya i had a good time with the photo shoot of these babies! heck ya!  i think they should be featured in some upscale magazine or something, don’t you?!  they turned out so cool!  and she did a great job.

and now… meet my new little mascot… “miss gertie the birdie” chick!  i picked her up at a quilt store, because you know.. i won’t make time to actually make one… and she was so cute.  and… she thought the pillows were the perfect nesting spot too!  i’d say so…  

so now i need to be on the lookout for these old fashioned canvas sacks, because they turned out absolutely fabulous.

what do you think?!

i’ve got more highlights of a special time spent with girlfriends, sunsets, collage and sewing!   

have a great day! 
soli deo gloria!

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  1. What a great find and she did an awesome job on those sacks. Wow, it is amazing to have that gift to see the vision and the results and then make it! Thank you for sharing!

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