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Hello friends~

A happy Monday for me ~ more play time {and results} with the new line of stencils I call:  Margaret Applin’s Stencil Parade! {from} And they are continuing to make their joyful debut in my studio.  I began with the printed fabric on the left as my background, {love the little bits of color texture} made with Flower Blossoms.

The stage has been set

Flower Blossoms Stencil from

Time to begin with sponging acrylic paint through the stencil, lightly to begin, and then adding layers.  I like to mix up Golden acrylics and Lumiere paints, because of their intensity, and beautiful colors, as well as how they leave the hand of the fabric quiltable.  I also layer these two mediums with FW acrylic inks, too. I first used the “African Orange STars with Border” stencil, below:

 This stencil is “Flower Patch” ~ and that’s exactly what I’m going for…  I isolated a few of it’s flower elements, and added them ‘here and there’ in this collage.

 An assortment of paints~

 I use a simple little black spongy brush ~ the cheapo type as I often times forget to stick it in water… and I layered the yellow flower element first, and then overlayed it with another color of paint, and another design element, too.

This is the “Sunshine” stencil

 Margaret’s lovely designs make layering a really fun option for more texture, depth and collage.  With this particular collage, I also added the design, Secret Garden.”  {beautiful and so elegant}  Just perfect for this collage with the tulip-styled flowers.

 No time to stop… let’s add more~

 I added the typical three layers, with batting, then began quilting {thread picture below}~

 A little word element, sprayed through a cardboard stencil I purchased for scrapbooking.

Margaret has also developed several designs just for those of us who love to layer!  This one is called “Layered Flower Duo” ~ designed to create a double flower for a beautiful, layered, and creative look:

And after spraying my s.e.i . tumble dyes, I heat-set my printed fabric with the iron, fused it, and cut it out:

 Really… I could spend days just creating different color effects through this dazzling duo!

 Now I have a question for you:  Bling anyone?  {yes please!}

 I purchased this fusible crystal trim at Bernina Silver Thimble, here in Great Falls.  I cut it away, and ironed on the crystals where I wanted them.

 A little bit more of a design element, using black thread and a funky little flower shape.  I deliberately left the lime green thread in the bobbin… just thought I would ‘get outside my box” and let it be a little bit more funky…

 We’re getting there… but it definitely needs… More!

 Stamping!  That’s the ticket to add that little extra textural touch.  Easy to do with acrylic paint, as it takes the permanent ink so nicely.

 And it also needed more background quilting.  I chose to use one of my favorite textural quilting design;  “the screen door.”  And I used a lime green YLI Variations thread.

 And again ~ more!  A little a silver heart charm, which I had stuck up on a shelf in the studio!  {perfect}

 Here are a few of the thread colors I used:

 And I call that “EnJoy!”  Yes I did.  And of course, you all know by now, it’s one of my favorite words!

So… what do you think of Margaret’s new stencil line?
By the way, Terri Stegmiller’s blog. She‘s always got something really cool happening in her studio!  
All these designs are available from

{And there will be a couple to give away… stay tuned!}
So what do you say? 

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  1. Leslie I am truely amazed all the time. The color, the design, and the gift you have makes me want to try harder! I thank God for the inspiration you leave with me.

  2. Just adore you & all your creative…ness, your sharing to the world is very loving & generous Leslie. Beautiful stencils, designs, colors, & bling!

  3. Another marvelous creation…I so LOVE everything to do and wish I didn't have to work, so I could attempt to try some of your ideas! Thank you for posting your beautiful artwork!
    Karla Lamb, Billings

  4. Yes, the stencil line is great…BUT what you did with them all is WONDERFUL!!! Just a great piece!!! Very cool!!!! I'm off again to visit with my sister! Will I ever get caught up on reading blogs again!!!

  5. I used a little 1/4" plastic ring, sewn to the back. I'll be showing it in the next couple posts, with my faux piping technique too. Thanks for asking, Holly!

  6. Oh, Leslie, this is definitely one of my favourites! I love it! A ll that layering of paint and thread is so luscious. You are definitely good advertising for Margaret's stencils!

  7. What a lovely work Leslie! I love all the different flower effects from the stencils, and then the embellishments! The crystals in the flower centers and that sweet heart *swoon* :*D

  8. Thank you for sharing this Leslie! The end result is stunning! and of course Margaret's stencils work so well
    I've never heard of iron on bling!! but it looks great – presumably you have to protect it in some way when you iron it??

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