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One of those leftover pieces of dyed fabric, and a quick screening Sunday eve. Will keep this in the look of another collaged, quilted piece, using up (ever so slightly) some supplies I have on hand, in cut-up, leftovers:  lace, organza, fused shapes, and who knows what all…!

I do so love the paint colors as I’m screening them, as they meld into each other, creating something new, and exciting… something it wasn’t on it’s own!  Now there is an analogy worth additional thought! And…well, just a bit delicious.  Too bad that’s not my only diet? Hmm?!

I think the fused shapes might be interesting if they had some other unexpected texture to them… We shall see what strikes my mind as I head to the sewing machine.

No doubt, I’m thinking I will stitch decoratively on the leafy shapes with just a bit of stabilizer underneath.  Also, am thinking (still) of quilting a word, or words, playing in the back of my mind!  And it’s a big band playing, let me tell ya!!! 

But it’s all very, very, good.

Linking Up with JRU Studios for Sneak Peek Friday – Fun!

Grandbaby and daughter arrive today. Woot-woot-hooray!  Happy Day!

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  1. Hi Leslie,
    As usual, I enjoy seeing what you're up to! Do you design the images for the Thermofax screens you're using, or purchase them from someone already made? (If so, may I ask where you get them? I think I recognize the bicycle screen.) Or maybe you have your own T. machine? I have a very old one that needs to be refurbished before I can even buy the expensive light bulb; probably another $400-$500 before I can make my own screens!
    Thanks, Joanna

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