collaged runner ~ hello beauties

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hello beauties!!

no… i haven’t stopped making collages.  nor cutting out flower shapes!  as some commercial or something like that once said… “a day without  cuttable, fusible, flowers… is a day without sunshine?!!”  ok.  maybe not.  but it works for me!

just a small table runner that says “hello my spring beauties” and i say that to each of you who read the blog!  

you are beautiful.  

have a blessed day!
soli deo gloria

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  1. Wow that is beautiful .I am in awe of the creations some people make.I learn so much just by reading about what others do.

  2. Another project to add to my list! You've also given me another reason to shop for fabric…florals! Oh, how I love this!

  3. Really Nice! I will have to try this soon…
    do you use a special size thread or just whatever you need at the time? L

  4. I do like these and I've emptied a drawer so I can begin to accumulate. I did find a super Jane Sassman fq I almost threw out with some old quilt conference papers! Made my day!!!

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