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hi ~

i’m still loving working in a series exploring more possibilities with collage.  this time, i’m trying something just a bit different than the collaged animals, but still using the lovelies {flower fabrics} i’ve patiently fused and cut.  i’ve got a few more tips on cutting those little beauties…

it’s been fun to thumb through my fabrics and see what might work for collage.  and, as i’ve been cutting, i’m learning that it can be really cool to leave some of the flowers attached.  they can always be cut apart later if needed.

and that is particularly a great technique cutting for the tiny, small floral fabrics, such as the kaffe fasset shown below:

while generally, collage is about larger scale floral fabrics, the small ones are key, {and fun} too.  they make for great little fillers, in places where you might need to cover up empty space, and, they are wonderful left in small groupings, not to mention you can change up the center of any other flower, too, using them!

another great floral for collage seen below, and what i love about it is that you get “two for one” in the color scheme, as well as design and scale.  the golden part of the flower can be cut away {i used it on the moose’s shoulders}, and the pink part of the flower is a great one by itself, too; you can cut it apart into several other creative cuts… or not.

and the fabric below, kinda a mixed bag of elements… all of them pretty fun {i haven’t used the hands}… and lots of variety is always great to have as you peruse fabric shops, or your own stash!  i like the delicate purple flowers seen in this fabric, and while they take more time to precisely cut, they are truly lovely in their element of delicate motifs.

and i’ve left the coral bunch of tinies attached to the pink flower below… this will be fun to use!

i like to keep the leaves attached on many flowers, too. again, you can cut them away if they don’t fit with your design plans.

and i’ve found {so far} that these little baggies are a good storage solution for small cuts of flowers.  i no longer throw them into a larger bag, even if they are of the same color-way, as it’s simply too time consuming to find them again. so they go into a small baggie, kept within the larger one!

this fabric ~ a red pink gradient, from vicki welsh, is so lovely, and i think it will be a fun background to play with more collaged flowers….   

now to choose threads and get back to it, {playing some more}!  i’m really excited to make a new collaged table runner, combining it with one of vicki welsh’s beautiful hand dyed fabrics, to create a very ‘spring-full’ table runner!

come on back for the finish on monday!  vicki and i are  excited to present a valentine’s giveaway … bet ya can guess what it will be… maybe?

blessings for your friday and beyond!
soli deo gloria!

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  1. Thank yoiu for the tips !!! Small bag for the small pieces is a really good idea……I havre pieces everywhere ! I have the deer top finished and now am wrking on the fox…..appropriate fabrics seem harder to find for some reason. I am excited to see what you are doing next !!! Back to cutting !

  2. You have raised the bar! The animals are cute but THIS is much more me! Thanks for sharing your fabric choices. I am now Really looking as I am pretty low on florals. Bless your flower filled hands!!!

  3. I don't look at details as much as I do the larger picture when it comes to fabrics. You view is refreshing! I need to pay more attention.

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