Cosmo Wonder

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— “Cosmo Wonder” Fabric Paper Collaged Quilt —   
Latest in my attraction to fabric paper quilts, and
inspired by one of my most favorite flowers to grow in the garden:   

I really enjoy using a very thick thread; it’s like maybe 26 weight, made by YLI thread company, and designed by Laura Heine of Fiberworks Quilt Shop in Billings MT.  It’s called  FUSIONS.  Love-love-love it. It gives a nice, thick punch of color and texture.  But you must use a 100/16 size top stitch needle if you want a smooth flow.  Then take it for a spin.
I usually put a  40 weight cotton or polyester in my bobbin, and (per usual procedure) lower my tension at least one level.
Detail of “Fusions” variegated thread on the far left and for the swirls.

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  1. As is your style….your posts are full of beautiful eye candy! Thanks for a lovely viewing of fabulous color, design and texture.

  2. I think I have found my art! I love to sew but not really a planner. I love the free spiritedness of this craft and would love to learn more.

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