Country Chic Beginnings ~

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This project – a VERY simple tablerunner, is just a really great way to begin learning/honing your FMQ skills… a good way to start, and have something to show for it.

It’s that simple little undulating, soft, wavy line, whether I used it to follow the ‘grid’ of the batik border, or in the overall ‘lacey’ type pattern that was the centerpiece of this runner.  It’s also rather elegant, and when you cross the stitching lines on every other curve, you get a soft, ribbony look.  Which I enjoy very much.  That would be the doing it, and the viewing it!

Don’t get crazy trying to follow every little line…shape and ziggy-zaggy-craggy curve!

Remember… that the first idea is to have fun and to allow yourself to be creative – first! 

And it’s done!  Not alot of time investment, but a building up of skills that results in a finished project.  Don’t get caught up in perfect… just get caught up in the fun of CREATING!


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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your creativity. I just started following your blog last week and LOVE IT. This is beautiful. The last sentence reminds me …….have fun.

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