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We had such a wonderful drive home from my Dad’s home, several weekend’s ago.  We chose to go home via a different route than our usual one. It takes longer, but I relish the idea of taking in the vistas that this road offers.  So ~ I’m excited to share a few shots of some of our stops, and wonderful back-road views, beginning with the Graves Hotel, in Harlowtown, MT.

This is the Graves Hotel, in Harlowton, MT.  Built in 1909, out of standstone quarried at the site, by A.E. Graves.  It is three stories with a sweet corner turret and what a cool wrap-around veranda!  The views are pretty sweet, too… of the Crazy Mountains, and vast ranchlands.  It’s a wild place, {weather-wise} ~ in the foothills of the Crazies! 

Oh, this could have been such a grand Bed and Breakfast, wouldn’t it? I cannot even come close to imagining how much money it would take to restore… such a beautiful old building… it now appears to be mostly, and sadly, dilapidated.

Another quick stop to take in the views.  This is the Little Belt Mountain Range {above}.

And this is the Crazies, although the picture doesn’t show the cragy and wild Crazy peaktops, which are commonly, almost always storming in one way or another in the late fall and winter months, even though it will be mostly just windy in the ranchlands, below.

My Cowboy Man’s Hat.  Never fear, driving with a guy who likes to explore, and test the power of our Highlander’s four-wheel drive!  {ahem}.    

The Crazy Mountains are some of the most crazy-wild, and very rugged, of the numerous mountain ranges in Montana.   We stopped briefly on the road, before it became too narrow for us to pull over.

Then, a country road detour!  Yeah, baby!  Let’s go ‘off-road”  {not really!}  We didn’t get too adventurous, but it was fun to explore.  {I’m with the guy in the cowboy hat!} He can drive!

And our last stop, in a sweet little snow-covered meadow, before we go over the grade, in the Little Belts, toward what we call “King’s Hill” {where the Showdown Ski Area is}, and on our way home.

I of course, couldn’t wait to get out, and try and capture the pretty light and sparkles on the snow!

And you know I don’t hesitate to get down low, actually on my tummy, in order to get this shot of the sagebrush with that sparkly, lovely, sooo-beautiful snow.  It’s not that great of a picture, but it was fun trying!  And at least I now have a picture to base a sagebrush drawing on…

Soli Deo Gloria!  Have a FABULOUS weekend!
Joining up with STUDIO JRU and the SWEET JENNIFER.  Next week, I am participating in her: 
It’s Christmas CRAFT time!!!   I’ve been asked to submit a project, and I’m really excited about it! 
Check it out next week… I ‘betcha’ there are some fabulous craft projects ~ I can’t WAIT!!!

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  1. The ride home was wonderful!!! So glad you took the pics!!! I'm a cow girl at heart…grew up on a farm, raised and show quarter horses up until 1989…two disc surgeries later and a new hubby life is so different…but I wouldn't change it! Miss my horses but still have my memories and pics. Your pics look so inviting…love the land!!!

  2. Thanks for the fun tour! That is such an amazing building – it would be fun to win the lottery and fix it up :*) I always love your pictures!

  3. I love your ground level shots, especially the last. The colours of your mountain photos are glorious. The blue of the sky and mountains contrasts so well with the yellows and browns and pristine white of the snow.

  4. oh, one day I'm going to do a barb wire fence piece of art. Luv those old fence lines. Great pictures. oh, and BTW, money is over rated. lol I'd take the room under that terret, a quilt on the bed and just coffee in bed, no crumbs that way! 😉

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