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hi y’all!  

here’s a little crafty tutorial that is sooo dang simple to do.  it does require a bit of a steady hand, perhaps… {perhaps not!}  that is to say, no matter what you do ~ this white painty pen and glass doodling tutorial is a fun project, wavy lines… or not!

even younger kids {supervised} will love this too, if all they do is scribble on the glass.  just have some fun with it! it’s easily wiped away, and you can start again!

these are the simple, and inexpensive supplies you’ll need: glass cleaner, clean towel, glass votive {or larger one if you like} and white pens.

 i like the decoArt glass paint marker and the sharpie poster paint markers the best.  i tested the zig painty pen too, and it works great, even though it is oil-based.  but for the odor.  {knock ya over!}  and all of these that i used and tested will wipe clean after the season if you don’t want to keep them ‘snowflake-like’ after the holidays.  just clean the glass surface with your window spray.

so i wiped most of my votives clean, that i crafted last year.  just because.  {because it’s so fun!}  and had a good time just doing simple lines, wavy and straight, or circles, dots and little scallops.  once the glass was clean, i like to hold it with the towel, to keep my fingerprints from marring it again, plus this gives you a little added control, too.

 what is one of truly one of the most effective and charming doodles?  the “the simple dot.”  nothing says snowflake better than that!

 and i loved putting those simple dots on the bottom of the glass, too:

 so pretty in the evening, too:

because this project is glass-friendly, it was fun to try some of the antique dessert goblets i had.  the one below even had a bit of a carved design in it, and i just followed that leaf shape… love how it turned out!

doodle some simple snowflakes~!  {dare ya!}

just add a bit of cursive writing {it doesn’t have to be perfeect!}

little dots all over the glass petals of this one, and just a simple swirly pattern on the petals below:

of course, a steady hand is always beneficial.  but mostly, just keep it smooth, and don’t go too slow when drawing with these pens on glass.  it’s a smooth surface, so a little speed is slightly to your advantage rather than proceeding too carefully. 

i lined all mine up on our little christmas runner on the coffee table, and i love how they light up our room with pretty light, and a wonderful fragrance.

happy december!
God bless us everyone. 

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  1. Cool! I need you to come photograph my house for me, pretty please? After you were finished, it would look like I lived in a magical place! Love your photography work, and your decorating skills!

  2. Love these Leslie! I have painted wine glasses and etc but never used an actual glass paint pen- you just enabled me! lol Never thought to erase after the holiday either- awesome idea! Hope you got my mesg about the threads= LOVE EM!

  3. Well, aren't you the clever one! Although, we already knew that about you! Thanks for sharing! would make a nice hostess gift this time of year or any time of the year!

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