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A photograph taken on from our trip to Glacier Park, as we were returning to the beautiful prairies of Montana…

Rocky Mountain Front in the background…

On our little picturesque stop, I snapped a few shots of the grasses in the late afternoon light.  I loved the shapes, textures, and color of the grasses.

Working from my memory (ahemmm) ~ here is my interpretation of that scene, as drawn and water-colored in my sketchbook.

I’m still having a love attachment with my wite-out pen… and little dots of white.  I can’t seem not to want to add them to my drawings!

Although not so similar to the actual photograph, it provides me with a continuing education ~ to learn to look at the ordinary things for creative inspiration. I’m thinking I may do it again… only this time with more mountainous background… we shall see!

I have been much more dedicated in spending time in my sketchbook this summer.  I have found that the materials {the right ones} make all the difference in my affinity for the sketching… and I loved making it… and can’t wait to transfer some of these sketchy ideas to the quilted cloth!  

Let’s Do It!!

EnJOY~Soli Deo Gloria!

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  1. Very nice! Your interpretation is lovely. I especially like the golds and blues. I think that's what attracts me in art, the artists vision, not what is actually seen through the camera. Although of course there are photographers who take artistic photos.
    I guess I'm trying to say I like your artistic voice.
    And, I've got to pick up one of those white out pens.

  2. You have DONE it! Wonderfully captured the grass. I need to try another white out pen. Mine doesn't seem to want to flow properly. Or I should try on different surface. Yay for prairie grass and I don't mean that stuff on my lawn that always needs cutting! Beautiful post, Les.

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