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Have you applied for your free motion zig zag license yet?  No standing in line.  No fees to pay. No special feet to buy.  It’s back to the basics!   And you can do it anytime you want!  It starts with a basic straight stitch; mode #1 on almost any type of machine, I daresay.  Set it up for free motion–feed dogs down.  Top tension setting of 1.0.  A stitch length of 4.35 give or take.  This one way to play with free motion applique styles using the basic straight stitch.

Enter Stitch Mode #2 — ZIG ZAG territory.  By far, one of my most favorite stitches in free motion!  

Notice the same settings as before, except I’ve set my width deliberately.  And I’ve set it to a 1.2 or so.  I’m often asked in classes “what length do you want us to set?”  Well, None!  None at all!  So ignore the length settings on my screen shot below… those are by default in the stitch, and they really don’t matter.  Because in free motion, YOU are the one who determines length by the speed of your foot control, or the speed of moving the fabric with your hands.

Straight stitch for the stems and veins seen below.  Zig zag for the edge treatment on the leaf below.

Ditto in this leaf.  I love the tiny zig zag. I range from width of 1.0 to 2.0 depending on the size of the leaf. It adds creative embellishment, more color, and secures the leaf to the fabric all in one… ‘fall’ swoop!  (that should be fell but I couldn’t resist!)

A zig zag free motion style, going left to right, equates into a straight stitch – almost!  It looks like it doesn’t it?  Then north to south, or up and down, it’s a zig zag.  Notice how I didn’t do too much ‘zigging’ when it came to the tiny tip of the leaf point.  That would be Pointless, don’t you think?  (Sorry about the bad pun!) Anyway, keep it simple when you don’t have alot of fabric land to work with!

A lovely, satiny-smooth zig zag stitch is a practical stitch of timeless beauty!  It’s all about control and smooth fabric motion.

Straight stitch on the leaf — ‘buttonhole’ or blanket stitch style seen below.  And I want to be sure to tell you that in the leaf below, I applied the paintstik (grape color) very lightly on the hand dyed purple toned fabric.  Love the transparent iridescent quality of the resulting color combo on the fabric. You can see the original color of the fabric in the stem.  No Mica powders here.

Today, I hope to have some great lighting that will help provide me with some good pictures that will showcase the completed piece that features these beautiful purple leaves, and the thread and color choices I made. I need a name, though… Any ideas? Theme colors are periwinkle blue, purple and brown.  Leaves, of course.

Help me!  I hope to see comments of suggested names for this piece.  In the meantime…

Creative License.  

Get some for yourself TODAY!

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  1. I just found your blog yesterday. I am amazed at the talent God has blessed you with (He is SO good!!) And thank you for sharing your talent with us. Your work is absolutely gorgeous! Don't you just love your 830? Have a blessed weekend!

  2. I have used the buttonhole stitch while quilting, but not with FMQ. I think some of your stitching looks a little bit like lace edging, so I would suggest Chantilly Leaves 😉

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