Curious Georgia

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Curious George.  Make that Curious Georgia…

 My planter helper.  Not.

Thanks for the frisbee… it’s just my size!

 Although she prefers playing in the water… which is great when it’s outside (not so much — when she does it to her water bowl in the kitchen — ahem!)

 Deliberating tipping it over…


 And biting and barking at the water…

 She loves the noise… and of course, the running water action…

 It’s an easy bath…

 Good thing.  We’re going to need more of those…

“Georgia!  What are you doing?  Get out of there! Now!”

 Only slightly… very slightly… obedient.  And not terribly remorseful!

I have to be honest.  I tried not to laugh.  But I couldn’t help it. At least I was able to snap this adorable shot of her expression before she moved.  Look at that face! I couldn’t hardly believe it,  when she poked her head up from that flower bed!!  She is quite the character. And like a toddler, she needs constant supervision!  My husband is away this weekend… and so it’s just me n’ Georgia.  Which really is the long way of explaining “no sewing!”

And… a Happy Weekend!

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  1. She is quite adorable! My border collies do the same thing with the water bowl. Being in Georgia – it is so hot in the summer – we get them a 4 foot swimming pool to play in for bath time… really is easiest to just let them play for "bath" time.

  2. Oh, a puppy is so much trouble and so much worth every minute! Thanks
    for the morning belly laugh at that muddy face…Patty

  3. 🙂 I tell my dog, "It's a good thing you're cute…!!" when he makes a mess. Then I tell him he's a VBD (very bad dog). Gotta love them!

  4. She is pretty cute, Les. Messy, but cute. Raining here and my flowerbeds are in a sad state. Looks like no sewing for me until I get them whipped into shape. Happy Sunday!

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