Cut It Out and Cut It Up!

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I spent some time last weekend going through some unfinished projects—fabric paper projects  I had made this past winter & early spring.  They were large pieces, about 11″x14″ or so.  Ugh… I didn’t like them, or at least didn’t feel very inspired by them.

So I cut them up!  Ahhh… that’s better.  What a relief!  (Like a trip to the dentist!)… LOL.  Anyway, at least I kind of like them now.  And I like them ALOT more with the flowers..  Most of these pieces will be small, like 8×10 or  5×7.

Then, I went to my little sack of flower goodies.  Yay!  Where have they been?  Ah… buried in a storage box, I dare say.  Last winter, while football with hubby, I took all those big gorgeous flower prints, fused them, and cut them out.  Now we’re ready for … well, anything!

Oh!  Oh!  LOVE them now.  Here’s a few sneak peek glimpses into the RE-discoveries:

Most of these fabric papers were cut in half, and I found they were much more fun for me to create with… and it was rewarding to play with all the various flower cut-outs I had diligently fused and cut up.

This piece — the ‘big orange’ as I refer to it… I haven’t decided if it should be cut up yet.  I’ve placed the orange flower on it… but not sure if inspires me yet. Should I leave it?  Should I cut it up?

Quilting and embellishment ideas start to flow a bit more…

This piece has alot of very, very, heavy layered painting on it. I like it better cut in half, and with the big, bold beautiful flower on it.  Now I’m interested again!

The big NINA machine (borrowed that name from my sweet friend Elle up in Canada) has come back from the shop, the creative roadblocks have cleared, and the needle is sharp!  Onward!

Here’s to cutting it up!  EnJOY your day!

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  1. Are your flowers from fabric? They are lovely. I know that your personal eye will guide you correctly on what to do with the ones you are questioning. It is beautiful work already and you aren't even finished! You will do well.

  2. you have taken what was already "fab" art and turned it into something "fab-ulous"!!! i love all your flowers, and your gorgeous stitching really adds that final perfect touch!! xox

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