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A finish from my ‘to-do’ pile; a project I started in January.   

I received a new ruler for Christmas ~ and wanted to use it.  That post here:

I’m not terribly knowledgeable about the ruler (so far)… but I love the pie shape, and I just wanted to play with some of my first hand-dyed fabrics ~ and attempt to accomplish something new and different; a design I made up as I went along…

I got to use some pretty ribbons from my ribbon stash, too.  I used the ruler to cut the triangle shapes, and then just fused them right onto the batting, using Misty Fuse, a super light-as-air fusible web.  I covered up those raw edges of fabric with the ribbon, stitching them down with a soft, undulating ribbon motif, free motion style.  Then I added the fused flower in the center.

Just a few weeks ago, I got it batted and backed, and finished up the quilting I had started awhile ago…

Nothing really grand… just simple free motion stitches and adding color with threads.  Multiple colors, some solid, some variegated.  All from Superior Threads, with their 100% ELS cotton Masterpiece in my bobbin.

If you’re new to free motion I have a suggestion that I think really helps: Practicing your stitching on fused flowers that are already printed, is a great way to gain control, and play with color. Any ‘wayward’ stitches aren’t so noticeable, and it’s a fun way to have something to show for your stitching and build your skills at the same time. 

I alternated between the ‘pie-shaped’ sections with my quilting motifs, and changed thread colors, too.  Just because I got a little bored with it.

Very, very, simple style of swirls and daisies.

I did go over the daisy motifs with a second, solid gold-colored thread, and just echoed the design but only in the centers for the most part.

To finish I put another piece of fabric, right sides together, and stitched around the curvy petals.  I cut a slit in the back, and turned it right side out, pressed, and then did the quilting on the petal edges, and added a bit more color to the center flower motif.

The colors aren’t very bright in this photo, which is from a dim lighting set up in my dining room. The ones above are all quite true to the actual bright saturation of the hand-dyed fabrics. 

Finito.   Here’s to another day of finishing up … but you know it’s only temporary!!  Happy Daisy Days to you all as we start to really… realllyyy… enJOY a bit more… of spring! (and hopefully nice weather to go with it!)

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. This might just be my most favortist thing you have done so far – of course that is subject to change with your next post! LOL

  2. It's beautiful, Leslie. I enjoyed seeing your process and as always your free motion work is exquisite.
    When I look at yours I know I need a lot more practice!

  3. I would like to see this in person….lovely stitching and I like the idea about using a pre-cut flower to practice so the waivers dont show as much. What I need to do. You know, when I get tired of yo-yoing 🙂

  4. Beautiful Leslie! I could look at your FMQ all day & never tire of it! Great idea to use a fused flower to practice…. I need to practice :*)

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