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A fabric paper project, finished! 
I hope you notice the pattern of the tissue paper; the circles that were part of a tissue wrapping paper I saved, in the background, lying underneath the last layer of tissue paper I used to top off my fabric paper.  One of those circles became a flower.  The yo-yo I added, also became a flower which I stitched over it free motion style.  And I further stitched and embellished with a fused fabric flower.

I didn’t plan the little heart in the center of the fused flower… it just kind of happened!  I like that.  I’m going to do it again.  And again!

I thought a bit about stitching this yo-yo’s pleats free motion style, but I decided I like it.  It’s not only whimsical-like, but it’s a bit messy.  Sometimes I’m into that.  Although my studio is clean now!  I like that much better! And I play better in a cleaned up environment.  That’s just how I roll.  I can concentrate and focus when things are put away, and not so chaotic.  
You can see a bit of the pearlized ink I added when the piece was still slightly damp… I’m not sure if I will ever grow tired of that look!
Here’s a close-up of the candy wrapper silver foil, embedded into the piece.  When I added a bit of paint over that last wet tissue paper, and work it back and forth a bit with the brush, it rubs the tissue off… and then the foil shows through here and there.

I showed this picture a week ago or so… and it’s still one of my favorite stickers, also layered onto the piece, but underneath the last layer of the tissue paper. 

It’s for sale in my Etsy shop… here!

Thread of choice (no surprise here):  Superior’s tri-lobal, 40 wt, Rainbows variegated in purple, lime green and aqua.  Masterpiece 50 weight in a white is what was in my bobbin.  My top tension was lowered a full number, from a 3.0 to 2.0!

It’s just a small piece; it finished out to about 7″x9″ – so if you make a fat quarter-sized piece of paper fabric, you can cut it up and have even more fun making each one unique.

Hope you’re thinking of things you can put into your very own fabric paper.  Or is it paper fabric?  What came first, the chicken or the egg?  Okay, well, it was the chicken.  I think.

Have a blessed day!  Soli Deo Gloria.

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  1. I have come across some really great quotes lately – I might step out of my comfort zone and try some of your artsy ideas.

  2. Excellent description. Especially how the top tissue is rubbed off and the foil 'peeks' through and the pearlized ink is only in places. What is your bobbin thread that helps your threads to dance so well?

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