Dancing… with JACK

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BABY… it’s cold out there!  Frosty, take-your-breath-away COLD! 

Pastels aren’t something I usually gravitate towards… but I wanted to challenge myself to try something in a new colorway.  I began with a very soft print  of tissue paper as the inspiration for this piece, layered it onto the muslin base… and painted ever so scantily with pearly-shimmery paint, and a dab of glitter here… and there.  Ribbon leftovers, a single flower ‘experiment’ and then some dangling beads, and it became…

“Dancing With Jack.”

Working the tissue paper a bit too much in one area with acrylic paint made a bit of the tissue wear away… but look at the happy inspiration that resulted!  I love how it peeled back, and allows the tissue pattern to peek through, just about the time spring is starting to peek through a bit too!  Just a  hint of the mystery behind the frosty curtain!  Perfect place to put the flower, too.  Love how that works out! 

Frolic in the frosty morning… along the river… dance  through the trees…  don’t forget your glass slippers…. your imagination…and a touch of… romance…

Join me as I demonstrate this technique, and help you make your own FABRIC PAPER!  Fabric Paper class is being held at the Quilt-A-Way on March 1st or March 5th.

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