Delight Yourself ~ Psalm 37

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Hey friends,  welcome ~ and Happy Friday!

You may have read about the quilting and playing I’ve been doing with the new stencils from Terri, {which are available for purchase from Stencil Girl Products}.  So… here’s another finish, using my favorite stenciled text fabric as flower appliques.

Again, more of my Basic Grey “grunge fabric” in that sweet color, aqua, and a favorite bible verse, too.  After fusing this little top, I did take a few days to think about what should be on it.  As I was looking through an old 2012 calendar, I spotted this verse, and knew instantly that was what I wanted to quilt into it.  

I attempted to make the free motion writing a little more creative… funky… not perfectly straight – but imperfect… yet light-hearted, loopy and happy.   Writing free motion style has always been appealing to me; partly because of my love of journaling, and getting to play with words and color, all at the same time, which makes it spontaneous and fun for me. 

I really do love how this piece turned out; especially the cluster of beads on each of the flowers.  The text fabric is perfect for this piece, too. This time, I highlighted it with just a very light touch of FW Liquitex inks; this is the pearly white color.  Sparkly, yet transparent, so the text still shows through.

A variegated King Tut thread in shades of red, orange, and purple accents the border fabric.

And a mental note to myself ~ next time I’m going to tie off a little differently.  No knots.  If I start off without a knot, and leave thread tails on the top, {to bury later}I find them incredibly distracting in my writing, and of course, it’s not practical to stop to bury them in the quilt.  So next time I’m going to attempt little tiny, tiny, stitches, clip them, proceed.  We’ll see how that looks.

{beading = a happy flower}

Photo on the dark table… no sunshine.

On a  personal note; this Psalm is one I memorized a couple years ago… before I met my sweet husband, Brian… {yes… the desire of my heart}

Photo on my ironing surface, with the ott light = true color!
Definitely room for improvement in the writing department, but it’s so much fun just to practice.
I’m happy to say, it’s a “happy ending” 
{or should I say beginning?}  
Yes. Definitely. Yes!  In all aspects.
And speaking of delights… 
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Have a wonderful weekend~

~Soli Deo Gloria~

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  1. OH it is so beautiful. Love the happy flowers! 🙂 That grunge fabric is fantastic. I *love* the story behind this verse for you, Leslie. xo

  2. I wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog in the Small World blog hop over at studiojru. Thanks for your inspiring work.

  3. This is a beautiful work of art! It's stunning! I smile every time I look at it…which, to me, is the perfect reaction considering the scripture you used. 🙂

    Anna K.
    via Studio JRU

  4. this is soooo pretty! love the colors, and the free style stitching. plus it is one of my favorite verses… popping over from studio jru. have a great day!

  5. What a nice piece! I sometimes do my writing with a wash out or air erase pen to get the spacing right before stitching. It's easier to change that way. LOL

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