Der Went My Sunflower ~

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Sorry about the title {not really} … bad pun ~ I have  a wacky sense of humor…  lol. 
So this is my sunflower doodle and using my Derwent Inktense watercolors, which was part of the excercise in Joanne Sharpe’s COLOR LOVE class. She did hers with Tombow markers, but I don’t have any of those, so I played with what I had.  And I had a great time! Have I told you lately how much I love this class??!

I like the white accents, which I added with a pen, as I forgot to leave some areas white on the page.  I get carried away with the fun of it all. I added shadowing, too… and bits of little details with my black Pitt Pen.  This is one of the ways I use to think… be grateful… pray… meditate… and be more inspired.

As you may know, all day long, sunflowers follow the sun, turning their faces so to speak, to face the sun.  I like to do my best to do that, too ~ just make that “SON” instead of “Sun.”  and it’s nothing ‘new under the sun’ but more importantly, to me, it’s a timeless, never-ending, reminder, of the One who is full of love and mercy. And I’m so grateful for a Savior who is my Sonshine!   

“Keep your face to the sunshine
and you cannot see the shadow.”
Helen Keller

P.S. Maybe you’d like to visit my post where I wrote this quote using stained glass paint and my ‘doodled’ faux stained glass windows in our home: click here…

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  1. Leslie, your art work is simply stunning. Thank you so much for sharing, not only your work but your faith in God. May He bless you many times over.

  2. It looks like you've mastered the pencils already! The sunflower is rich with color, so beautiful. It's the first time I've seen your window. How beautiful!

  3. Helen Keller NEVER lived in a shadow after she came to the light!
    Les, you have blown me over. What a gorgeous porch! If I can get enough confidence in ColorLove I'm going for whimsical. I have been eyeing my old lady front room and I'm thinking I want to shed some light on my whimsical side. oye, sister, this is some sonny influence you have!!! :^)

  4. Wow Leslie!! As usual, you have blown me away!!! I was just sitting here with my morning tea, happily enjoying your sweet Sonflower….. and then you take me over to your post about painting glass windows, and Pow!!! Just awesome!!! Your talent is just amazing girlfriend, and I'm so glad you share it on your blog so we can all enjoy it :*)

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