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My good friend Elle asked this question about yesterday’s post regarding some paper fabric I had made into bookmarks.  Elle commented:  “But I don’t know how you get your lettering on. The 4th and 5th photos in particular show writing on top of the background. Do you scan/print, screen print or stamp? This inquiring mind needs to know!”

Here’s my answerr:  Yes, Yes, and Yes! At times, I will type up a quote I like in a word processing program on the computer, and just print it out.  I cut it up, tear it or whatever, and place it within the layers of the paper fabric, usually the last layer of the top, before the last piece of tissue paper (I use craft tissue paper), is laid on top.  You can see that in the wrinkles from the glue and tissue paper, if you look close at the pictures.  That’s the lettering you see in photo #5 of the previous post.  The text shows through because it’s bold, and the tissue kind of turns clear with the additional glue-water mixture on the top.  At times it will be obscured depending on whether or not I add paint, thread, or other embellishments like ribbon, fabric and more.  Other writing, or text, are stickers I’ve also embedded into the top layer before the final top tissue layer, but they can also be added on the VERY top, after the paper quilt has dried.  I save older text of devotions, mail, greeting cards, thank you notes, letters… all kinds!  The paper ephemera includes so much, it’s really impossible to list it all.  That list includes, for me, saved in one big tupperware box of candy wrappers/foil papers, paper napkins, graphics from junk mail, catalogs, wrapping paper, and tea bags!  (Are you exhausted just reading that list?!)  I am!  If it appeals to you, save it!   The challenge is more in knowing… when… to … stop!

 This picture above shows some stamping… but I also will draw on top with a Sharpie pen, in black… or white!  I like to do… whatever comes to mind.

 A sticker “take life by the hand and dance!” is employed in this paper fabric, quilted, item.  Quilted with Superior Threads, Rainbows, my favorite tri-lobal polyester 40 wt thread.

Free Motion couching with my #43 Bernina Free Motion couching foot.  So FUN.

  Another one below, in the works.  Stamped, with writing by hand using a black sharpie pen, and a bit of paint.

 The picture below depicts the two bookmarks as they appeared before quilting.  I used stamping in black, hand-writing in both black and a white sharpie marker, printed text, and my own, free-hand, simple doodles.

 It’s much easier to quilt them, or embellish, with two or more connected.  A bit more efficient, and easier to handle than one long, single, skinny piece.

 Just a simple grid line in free motion quilting across the organza fabric.  You can see a bit of the candy foil (in silver) on the top right corner of this picture.

 I love how these green rose flowers come to life with the trilobal, variegated thread.

 It’s all about layers.  The piece above has light stamping in blue (towards the right side of the pic).  I used a clear stamp.

You can see the black curley-q in the bottom left… the white curley-q in top center, with black marks underneath that are being covered, but remain visible under the organza.

Hope that helped Elle.  Please ask any other questions, and if anyone would like to see an earlier post on this paper-fabric making, see my tutorial  here. 



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  1. Leslie YOU ARE ROCKIN'!!!!! I love all your paper quilting and layering!! You need to create a WORKSHOP for your process. It is much better than others I have seen!!!!!!

  2. Les! You really are MarveLes! Did you stay up all night? LOL This is so great and very much appreciated. I'm cutting, pasting, saving, bookmarking ETC. And then I'm gonna go see the weather forecast to find out when the next snow day will be. Huge THANKS.

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