Dreaming Big ~ new baby colts in a meadow

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A beautiful Montana Spring Day!

Time for a Sunday drive out into the country!

And much to my delight, a wonderful mountain pasture with two new babies and their mamas.  An example of the Quarter Horse breed.

They let me get pretty close…

But sadly, not close enough to pet! Oh, how fun it would be to have a new foal in our own backyard… but wait – I guess it kinda is.  Montana is really just one big backyard! 

I just love their baby doll eyes, and long eyelashes!

She was quite the kid, testing out how that barbed wire tasted!

This little gal was a bit younger… so sweet, and a little bit more timid.  Soon… it was time to say goodbye.  They had no problem walking away, following their moms back to the barn.  Just look at those cute little butts!  Curly tails, and long legs.

Isn’t this a wonderful meadow to grow up in?!

The cabin in the background, was set by a charming little creek, too.  Nice place to live — if you can get it!!

What a wonderful day ~ Are you dreaming big today?  I am!  God has great plans for us!  EnJOY~~~

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  1. Nice camera shots Leslie, and thanks for sharing, I love Montana, horses too! Dreaming of mountains and Big Horn! hint hint! Blessings to you my dear!

  2. Looks like you had a nice venture into the country – love the horses! Summer might finally be here, eh?

  3. Leslie, Your images take me away. How absolutely wonderful to get an up close view of the Montana countryside and its inhabitants. I love the personality in the horses' eyes and on their faces. Beautiful shots. Thanks for stopping by Quirky Vistas and leaving me such a sweet note! Come again!

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