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Just a tiny bit of sewing this past weekend for me.  House garden and puppy play duties called!  In between, I went back to my unfinished pile of fabrics, and began to piece together some of my stamped, hand-dyed fabric from my ‘stash-building’ fun last summer…

 adding borders, and now…

 it will take a back seat for a little bit!

Cuz I am a lucky girl — did you notice the pretty fabric that is the backdrop on the photos above?  Well, I get to quilt on this GORGEOUS piece of hand-dyed fabric which  arrived in my mail box yesterday!  This scrump-dilly-icious piece was dyed by Chris Daly of Dye Candy

And I am excited to say we are collaborating together for my first-ever quilted, kind of-commissioned piece. I will be quilting feathers on the black faux leather, and this beautiful fabric will be the lining, which Chris will sew into a bag, wallet, and such things!   
Can’t wait to start this weekend!  Oh boy… I might be a little nervous, even! 

EnJOY your day!

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  1. Ah, Les. That's not unbelief I'm hearing, is it??? I can do all things… lol You'll just put your hands into position, foot down, sigh happily and do it! It is gonna be gorgeous.

  2. Oh my! That will be stunning! And you have nothing to be nervous about – you are top notch in your skills young lady!!!! I can't think of anyone who would make that gorgeous fabric come to life like you will =^..^= Can't wait to see it!

  3. I SO enjoy reading your blog and seeing the amazing work you do! The colors are amazing, and I invariably get some great quilting ideas from you. This post helped to crystallize for me an idea for marketing that hadn't been really clear before – doing joint projects – so thank you.

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