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greetings on a monday ~

well.  there’s nothing new under the sun ~ including those catchy tunes that play in my head!

ya know ~ i love to play with color, for sure. and since i was cleaning and tidying the studio {well not a serious clean, just a ‘what have we here?’ kind of clean… and found we had saved thousands a few ice cream buckets {ahem ~ yes we, i mean, brian ~ loves ice cream}!  so i decided to make use of some of the tulip~jacquard dye kits i had stashed away last summer.   i five yards of ‘pfd’ {prepared for dying} fabric, and that gave me at least two to three hours of happy play time.  cheap entertainment for sure! and the ease of cleanup in the back yard!

after all summer time is fading fast.  {i think july and august have reversed the months on us.}  we’ve actually had cooler days {in the mid 80’s} instead of the 90-95 degrees we had in July.  but i love it.  and sweet, fresh n’ cool breezes in the evevings.  

anyway.  i digress.  it’s time to get going! here’s a glimpse of saturday morning in my yard:

 i took a gamble, and dyed a piece of cotton sateen red and purple blues {third fabric hanging on the line in pic above}.  it was something i had purchased several years ago, and it was not pfd!  {unwashed, unprepared} but i just went for it. and it turned out great.

 i just scrunched up the fabric in the bucket, and squirted dyes on it, randomly.  left it alone for overnight.  and washed it out on the lawn {my favorite part of cleanup!}  

 and my favorite pic of all… sunflowers and happy colors.  that says it all!

i don’t know what i’m going to do with the fabric…   i am thinking however, of adding some overlay perhaps ~ stencil prints with spray-on dyes… and who knows what else.  

summer is leaving far too fast…


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  1. Cute blog title!!! But not as cute as those fabrics – wowzers!!! I can really see you going crazy adding overdyes and stencils and threads and … oh my!!!! That will be a sight to see :*)

  2. Ah, those old songs! I really like dyeing velvets! Our hot summer month was June. ? Yes, time is definitely running out for outdoor fabric play. yikes!

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