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I thought I would make a little mixed media canvas for a friend’s newborn baby girl:

I made flowers from my screen printed fabric. {Margaret Applin screens of course}

To make the flowers, all I did was to tear the pre-printed and cured fabric into 2 or 3 inch strips. 

I used my UHU glue stick, putting a bit on one long edge, and then loosely pleated the fabric with my fingers… sticking more glue on the back, and then onto the canvas.  I added a scrapbooking brad, which I clipped the brad part off from the back, so it would be flat, and glued it into the middle of the flower.

Simple, sweet, and totally minature, it’s a 6″x6″ deep-edged canvas.  I bought a package; a set of 9, from Michaels.

Baby girl Edie is newly adopted by my co-worker Annie and her husband Kai. Congratulations and God Bless them all as they come together as a new family. Thank you Lord for blessing them with a baby of their own to love! Amen. 

Welcome to your sweet new home Edie Ann Krysta!

Be Blessed today!

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