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Perhaps you’re tired of hearing about my leftovers… but that’s the “Story in the Studio’ lately!  I have several new ideas ‘roaming the range’ in my head, but I am going to stick with the goals I’ve set for a few more projects.
Once again, this is fabric I made two summers ago, using Jacquard Dye-na-flow paint-dyes,  pulled from that ‘what-to-do?’ fabric pile of mine.  I decided I had nothing to lose… it was muddied up a bit: browns, oranges and yellow-golds. As usual, I forgot to photograph the plain fabric but you can still see it underneath the stamping and stenciling processes. 
I started with this stencil seen below, applying turquoise acrylic fabric paint. 

Then I switched to this stencil, using a different blue color, and also a bit of yellow.  I applied paint using just a small part of the overall pattern of this stencil:

Then I went for the foiling, applying this copper/gold leaf product first:

It’s a little high maintenance as it is super, super thin and quite flimsy-flakey.  But worth it, I think. Hmm… there’s a thought (or two!) I used a small paintbrush to apply it.

I also applied various meandering lines of the Jones Tones Glue and foiling technique. 

 A cardstock back, with the ribbon hanger and little heart covering up the glue.

It’s been quite a journey to think about creating these crosses.
Turquoise and orange, copper and gold… I love how the combination of colors came together in this entire, ugly  ‘muddy’ fabric, how it was cut apart, and brought into new life.  
And that, is what it’s all about! Quite a wonderful picture, really.
Unending Love.  New life. His sacrifice.
I pray you are struck by the true beauty of the Cross of Christ.  It’s not a fashion statement.  
It’s just pure love.  
Given Once, For All. 
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Beautiful! The layers just came together to make the perfect palette for this cross. I love it! Great colors!

  2. I almost… NEVER clean them – I'm too busy going on to the next thought! My reasoning? They get stronger that way (with more paint layers) lol

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