Fabric Fruit Pizza!

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Hey!  Try saying that title three times in a row!  

I got a new ruler for Christmas; a ‘wedgey’ triangle one.  And I didn’t want to ‘piece’ with it ~ 

at least, for now, I just wanted to play a little… 
and make some simple triangles.
So I cut out the shapes, thinking it might be fun to try doing this as a fused piece.  So I took a piece of batting,  placed some Misty Fuse (a fusible web product that is VERY lightweight) on top, and then started putting my pretty little triangles on top, playing with the arrangement.  I then cut some ‘half-moon’ shapes that fit the top of the triangle, (by trial and error on paper templates first), until it was the shape I wanted. To finish, I (hope) it will be simple.  Just put right sides together and done!  OR… 

“slip out the back, Jack
make a new plan, Stan…
Hop on the bus, Gus…
no need to discuss much…
Just … get yourself … Free!”
(yes, the 70’s comes roaring back quite often in my mind!)
Sorry for the interlude.
Maybe I should have pieced it.  I might be sorry.  But  since I planned to use pretty ribbons from my stash where the seams would be, I thought it would be too bulky when it comes time to topstitch them down, which I will do. And I have learned, that by the time I take ALL THAT TIME to piece it, and then cover up the seams with ribbon  it’s kind of well, a waste of time.

I’m still using ‘what I have on hand’ and that meant going to my pre-cut, pre-fused bag of flowers I have in a nice little plastic bag, ready for action!  Cutting out flowers from large-scale fabrics is a great winter project, sitting in front of our fireplace, watching a bit of football, NASCAR, or a some gold mining, sea fishing or lumberjack series… ahem!  “Honey, can we watch a movie now?!”

And from some image in the back of mind, either spotted in a pattern or a magazine, or perhaps a flower… I decided this piece needed some curvy little tops on top of the triangles.  There you go!  “Fabric Fruit Pizza!”  At least that’s my first thought after looking at it as a whole!  Funny.  Well to me, it’s funny; you? Maybe not.

When life gives you pretty fabrics and ribbons… make…

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  1. It does look like Fruit Pizza, I love the whole design, an color combo. Now if you did watch a movie, you wouldn't have done this wondeful piece so soon, right? lol For some reason I am singing 50 Ways to Leave your Lover at 5:30AM! You are so funny! I like the batting too, it looks soft and smooth.
    mmmmm I am hungry for PIZZA!

  2. Pass the pizza! Fusing should be fine to my way of thinking. Luv that mixture of ribbon. Jack, Stan, Gus- fine people to ride the bus with!

  3. I love checking your website to see what new and creative ideas you have posted….always inspiring and lovely! Thank you Leslie!!
    Karla Lamb, formerly of Great Falls

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