Fabric Paper Blues

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No real ‘blues’ here!  More like pink… purple… and blue! This ‘fabric paper making’ was my NEW YEARS DAY project.  Because we have no snow… I decided to make my own!   At Christmas, I took some time to do a very innocent, fun, and simple project.  I cut snowflakes.  I think every adult should fold and cut, and make snowflakes every Christmas!  And this year, I did!  I truly loved the simplicity of this activity ~ the magic and wonder of seeing them come to life from a single sheet of folded paper.   Trying to build a bit of suspense… see the pictures below for the snowflakes.  First, this is where my huge plastic container of leftover papers of all sorts: pattern tissue, leftover colored paper towels from painting, dyeing.  Candy wrappers, letters, notes, old calendars and those daily desk calendars, and well ~ so much MORE!  I cut them ~ tear them.  And another secret passion I must admit to: I buy pretty napkins and gift tissue… just for this reason!  (Yes, I need therapy). But can you think of anything else where you get more bang for your buck?  Pretty napkins – practical on the table… save one or two for the fabric paper bin!  Yay!

 This is the work table.  Acrylic inks, sparkly paint products, and Golden Gel medium.  In the past I’ve used a 50% mix of white glue and water, and this time I used the gel medium, adding a bit of water to it.

 I used some Christmas tissue that was bright silver and white, as you can above, and also the tissue with the little sparkly glitter already in it.  Love how it turns transparent within the piece, and of course, I adore handwritten notes!  I love getting them… but it’s so much fun to incorporate them into the piece. 

And I end up with a piece that looks like this:

 It was very exciting to see some of the sparkly tissue paper come through!  And see all those bumps, wrinkles and what-not?  Those will add lots of lovely texture, and will, to a great extent, disappear after ironing, and further thread and fabric embellishment.  It sits in front of the fireplace to dry — quickly, please!

 Handwritten note from my High School Art teacher, Katie Twedt.  I adore her.  I adore her handwriting!

This is the tissue paper with the little glitter balls already within it when you buy it.  Ain’t it cool? 

What do you think of the snowflakes?

 This is the back of the piece, on the muslin substrate.  When dry, I will “iron it into submission!”  I just love saying that.  It will be mostly flat, and then… more creating begins.

By the way, I used Dale F Rowney inks. (bought from Dick Blick Art catalog).  Might not have the name in the right order… but I don’t want to run downstairs to type it in right now!  I know.  Lazy.  Anyway.  Intense color.  Love that.  Great to dilute with water; flows smoothly and they come in pearly colors, which I find, well, addicting.  So fun to play with.

As the saying goes “waiting for paint to dry!”  What will I do with this piece?  I have some ideas for some embellishment with threads.  Not sure if it will remain the size it is (about a fat quarter size now), or if it will get cut up. That depends on how much I like it when it’s dried and ironed.  I can only tell you at this point, that I want to add more snowflakes: 

Not sure how I’m going to do that, but I know one thing.  I’m going to start with these images that I considered ‘stamping failures’ and I think they will find a home on this piece!  Love it when a plan doesn’t come together?!  LOL ~ no clue!  YET. 

Another day at HOME.  So happy about that!
Love and more ~

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  1. Wow! Fat quarters. I tried about 3 yards of heavy canvas. No wonder I was discouraged. And then iron it. hmm This looks so great and I'm stashing napkins and alooking in the dollar store for bits and bling! And I think that ink might be a label I remember from the art store. Your snowflakes are 'one of a kind' just like they really should be.

  2. Great up-close photos!!! They look luscious already!! I sent an e-mail to you but not sure if it is your work (msn).

  3. The paper cloth is looking pretty. I like the idea of adding your stamped snowflakes but you know, I don't see the piece as a stamping failure. I like the way the snow is missing a part. It makes it look like it is fading into the background or turned. Is that what you meant? /sometimes what we think are failures are not. depends on how you look at it.
    I've taken painted or printed pieced of fabric that I rejected out of the box a year later and liked it enough to use it. I've sometimes ended up with my favorite piece. Isn't that funny? It's all pint of view at the time.

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