Falling for A Vintage Jean Jacket

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Leaf Fever.  Strange, but true… and I think I’m done now!

Some hand dyed green fabric.  And once I’ve taken off the protective skin from the paintstik, I may as well make the most of it!

This is a vintage, “cowboy girl” real jean jacket a girlfriend of mine gave me several years ago.  Finally!  I’m getting something done with it. Ain’t it cool?!

I’ve not been able to decide what to do onto the surface… but it’s time has come! It got dressed up a little for the Fall Barn Dance. And I love it!  But… am I DONE?  Not sure!

A contemporary take on the ever-usable and lovable, Cowboy Girl Jean Jacket.

I don’t think I’m going to add anything more… but couching does come to mind.  Surprise, surprise.

You’ve perhaps read where I have said in the past… “because I can.”

And that is exactly what happened to the cuffs and the collar.  Why Not?

Versatile.  Heavy duty.  Outlasts the cows!  And so it hangs, ready for the Jitterbug at the Barn Dance!


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  1. Brenda, first off, thank you. And I'm using Superior Threads, 40 weight polyester, tri-lobals. They are beautiful, and perform really well using a 90/14 metallic, or topstitch needle. I like to put a 60 weight bobbin thread, or 50 weight cotton in the bobbin as well. Thanks for asking!

  2. Leslie, you'll be steppin' high at that dance. Great job, as usual. Please tell us what thread you are using for the cuffs and collar, if you don't mind! Thanks, and have a blessed day!

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