Farmer’s Market Pumpkins ~

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Here’s my fall parade of Farmer’s Market Pumpkins! This is a mixed media canvas that is made out of wood, with a primed, gesso top, size 9″x12.”  I really like this hard surface, even better than the fabric canvas tops.  It holds up to stamping real well.

Who doesn’t love to look upon a field of ripened pumpkins, or in a stack at the Farmer’s Market?  And each one seems to have such character, in textures, colors and shapes. Is it any wonder we love to carve them up into all kinds of ways?

I used punchinella in various forms; hearts, circles, swirls, flowers.  I added a dab of translucent glitter paint, accents with rubons in black and white, and my pitt pen.  The pumpkins were cut from printed cardstock, so some of that pattern comes through the background. 

My style of pumpkins here is borderline whimsical, if not actually so… although I did try not to do that as much… and tried to make them just a tad bit more realistic… what do you think?  Or are you as undecided {or unpersuaded!} … as I am? 

Bright.  Fun.  Fall.  All things I love!  It’s a  fun piece that represents some of my favorite color combos of Autumn.  And part of a super-fun class I’m just loving ~ from Christy Tomlinson and Junelle Jacobson, and others.

So what do you think about fall?  Got a favorite quote, picture, or scene?  Favorite color?!  I dare ya to pick just one!  LOL.

EnJOY your Fall Day! It’s a beautiful day to be out picking some pumpkins {even if you’re picking them out from a box at the grocery store!}  Go getya some!


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  1. Yup, I'm borderline. I'd say they're somewhat realistic with a touch of whimsy and lots of exuberance.
    I love to decorate for fall but I don't really like the fall colours as a decorating scheme. I do love the more Halloweeny colour combos like purple and orange, again not as a decorating scheme.
    I love your use of turquoise in your picture. Very lively!

  2. They are recognizable as pumpkins and cute ones at that. This is one of those pieces of art that reveals more as you look. Very nice job! The frost was on the pumpkins this morning! ;^)

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