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greetings on the first of november ~

we all know ~ life is full of challenges.   particularly as i contemplate “what’s next” in the decisions i must make for a depressed and addiction-oriented parent ~ my mom. now struggling with confusion, physical limitations, medications and many ongoing emotional issues, which she has had for as long as i can remember…  

“fear not” ~ i’ve been told those two words are mentioned 365 times in the word of God. 

not surprising.  that’s one for every day of the year..  

and for every moment in this life.

these words command my attention in my watercolor sketchbook.  this page expresses the color story and lettering ~ strong and bold ~ to convey the fullness of the command it really is ~ that live-it-now and keep-it-deep-in-your-heart-so-you-never-forget-it kind of command.

be strong.

and courageous. very courageous. 

and so i get to know more of what it takes to walk by faith.  i am grateful to know that when i place all the burdens ~ the questions, the frustration, bitterness and disappointments in the bigness of His caring and gracious palm of His hand, that there is nothing He does not already know, cannot handle, and does not already have a plan for.  there is nothing He will not see me through! 

there is peace when i think on those things. 

be fearless. {not reckless}.

nothing more.  

nothing less.

it’s a wonderful, hope-filled and fearless day!  Thank God.

and in the studio with friends today.


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  1. Taking care of my aging mom (physical health issues) and my aging MIL (mental health issues) were the most challenging times of my life. Sending hugs and good thoughts your way!

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