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All I can really say is wow!  So far, this is my most favorite watercolor product!  These are known as “Peerless” watercolors, and I got to order a special set labeled “Joanne colors” when I enrolled in Joanne Sharpe’s COLOR LOVE class. 

This product comes loaded dry, onto pieces of paper!  Hard, cardstock-like paper.  Amazing product.  See more about it here. This is a product that has been around a very long time, originally used to tint black and white photographs!  {I have some of those pictures of me as a baby ~ I should find them!}

Bright, beautiful, clear and completely transparent, and also they are a fun, totally mixable color with a fabulous palette of colors to choose from.

I don’t care for the drawing above… just messing around, really, because I love using this product.  It is good to PLAY!  Who knows, maybe by the time I add somethin’ here or there… a drawing, stencil, paint or doodle ~ maybe i will like it better?

And a color chart.  Always good to have as a resource.

The photo below wasn’t made using the Peerless watercolors, but my Derwent watercolor pencils, drawn and colored below.  I have always loved aspen trees!  And it’s one of my favorite landscapes to create… I’m so looking forward to learning more, and what I shall add to this, if anything … we shall see!

I’m not totally lovin’ it yet ~ but it’s a place to start.  And one must start… somewhere! 

I’m filling up my watercolor journal!  It’s been GRAND!

Hope you’re filled to the brim with beginnings.  {you’re never too old – I can safely say!} It’s all about attitude. Do you have new or old beginnings to share?

in the meantime ~~~Just Begin!

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  1. I am totally loving it, I absolutely love your play with paint. The trees are fabulous Leslie! You are brilliant girl!

  2. It is always such a joy to witness ART in the creation process! You are so good at what you do, I could look at your art forever and never tire of it :*)

  3. Something I began this spring which I haven't put on my blog is that I've started running. I've been desperate to lose weight and nothing worked. I stared with the walk run program and I'm now up to a 39 minute continuous jog. I've lost about 12 pounds and I'm really hoping for more!
    I love your Aspens! I've not done enough sketching this summer.

  4. Always a good place to start my sweet Elle! I've got more to share… and they are juicy. I'm still not through the class, but don't want to sit at the computer – I want to play!

  5. In the beginning. I always go back to the beginning in just about everything. Sometimes it is a stall but sometimes it is building momentum to get up and over the top. Wow, these are juicy. Now I like that grid with the bubbles. I'm finishing up a few things then I'm ready to join you for this class.YUM!

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