feathering my nest ~

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really ~ it’s as simple as this:

~ start with a beautiful luminous hand-dyed fabric {by chris daly of dyecandy.etsy.com}

~ play with drawing a feather

~ make a plan to add delicious neon thread color {i got mine in the set of twelve, partytime pack!} of magnifico threads from superiorthreads.com

~ go for a little hand painting with acrylic inks

~ have fun!

yup ~ those are some bright, bold, big colors of threads!

i painted with fw acrylic inks {available at dickblick.com} and had a party {for one!} mixing and playing with combos of pearlescent and matte colors.

i used neon thread colors {magnifico by superior threads} in orange, lime green and turquoise for the feather shapes.  i kept with magnifico thread for the rest of the traditional feather quilting and outside surrounding motifs.

happy happy colors!

the size is 14″ x 23.”  it’s new!  here in the etsy shop:

the top feather?  more subtle,  and oh how i loved those color-ways, too.  it’s for sure sparkin’ more ideas for feathering my nest!

wow ~ that was delightfully colorful ~ and just what i needed to do!  

it took me a good three hours just to paint it {maybe it was more?!}  i had so much fun playing, mixing and contemplating paint colors that the time flew by!

as i went through the process, i found it was easier to stitch first, then paint later.  i actually enjoy painting first ~ but i find it constricting to the creative process of quilting, as i like to ‘quilt with the flow’ as i’m stitching along… and stitching around previous painted shapes can be distracting to me.  so i chose to paint afterwards.  however ~ i also find that i have to be very exact as i’m picky about the paint being ‘sloppy-looking’ {which i do not like}… so that is how i see it!  

the “moral of the story” ~ pick one, and do the other! 

just be sure you do it with JOY! {amen!}
superior threads giveaway coming up soon…
{you don’t want to miss the party!}

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I too love to paint after I've quilted…it's so relaxing!!! But I've never used the bold colors you have!!! But I will!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. These are the joyfullest feathers I have ever seen in a nest! wonderful and yes, I can see that painting later might be better.

  3. Well, I certainly en"Joy"ed watching you create this bright and energetic piece – wow!!!! We should all have such lovely feathers for our nests 🙂

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