Feathers in Leather for Chris

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This is the fabric Chris of Dye Candy Fabrics sent me; her gorgeous lime green-aqua-turquoise-dark blue tones.  I love this whole piece, which is the the backside.  Edit note: The front is the faux brown leather, which you will see below (although the picture isn’t so hot from inside my studio!)  Chris also has a blog (check it out on my blog roll, or click the link above).

She intends to make this into a bag, which will hold her ipad, and all the key items she needs when she takes herself on the road to the quilt shows.  She also prefers light colored fabrics on the inside of her bag… makes it much easier to see what you’re looking for!  {I can relate!}

I did the feather in turquoise blues for all three rows, outlining it once.  The two outside feathers are hyper quilted with a rich, reddish purple thread that I love.  And ran out of!!  (very big sigh!)  But here’s a partial detail of the faux leather frontside of the fabric…

So what’s a girl to do but improvise.  I don’t usually pick variegated, but I did for the center feather row.  And I really kind of like it.  It’s different, and appealing as much of the color ties in with the other colors used too. 

I used Superior thread; their Rainbow’s variegated, and the solids are the Art Studio line I believe they are discontinuing, and something new is coming “Magnifico” I believe… I look forward to seeing it.  Of course, my go-to-girl, 100% cotton Egyptian Extra Long staple with Masterpiece cotton in the bobbin.

And I used a 90/14 leather needle. Even though this isn’t real leather, and it’s a polyester based fabric, it’s thick, but the leather needle works like a dream.  I also used my straight stitch plate, as I think it’s makes for a smoother stitch.  And making smaller stitches makes for soft, drapey, smooth curves on feathers.

 I also made a smaller piece; it’s narrow at about 8 inches, but very long – maybe about 50″ in length, for the wallet and checkbook covers she intends to sew up.  This is the style of feather I quilted, from the backside.

Love pink and orange, together!

And the texture of the brown leather is sumptuous!

I have more to share ~ because  the more I do, the more inspired I get.  And just like home improvement projects… it may just get out of hand?  Nah.  Couldn’t be.  



Hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. Looking forward to getting more sleep — yeah – right.  Big sigh.  Off to work I go!  EnJOY! 

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  1. YOU ARE MY IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so incredible. You are the standard i have set for myself with free motion. You are incredible. HUGGS!

  2. Leslie, I am drooling on my computer!! I can't believe how beautiful these pieces turned out! Thanks for all of your hard work and the thought to put into these pieces!!!

  3. Hope you don't mind, but I am learning from you. I'm printing out a couple of the photos and tracing them over and over so I can transfer those feathers into my brain cells so that one day they will come out in my quilting. I now have a great, big spiral journal for doodling. My brain has never been good at spacial reasoning, and so to quilt and 'think ahead' is turning out to be quite the challenge for me. But hey – it's always good to teach an old dog new tricks – keeps me young! Exceptional work you've done here, Leslie.

  4. This is just amazing and inspiring! I have some faux leather/shearling leftover from a jacket I made for my DD — I think this would be a great technique to make a bag for her…thanks!

  5. Nina Lise: I edited the post, but the dyed fabric is the backside of the faux leather, and I hope I explained better in the editing. Thanks for asking! {i'm blaming it on the up til 2am with fireworks constantly going off in my neighborhood!}

  6. As my cowboy friends say, "Dadgum, girl!" You've been busy. I thought I was all up to date on the blog here, but I've been obsessed by (you know) something else, and I find I missed two juicy eye-candy posts. Fab-u-Les!

    And good job between you and the other folks raising $ for Rowan. Having gone through cancer in our family recently enough, we know the well wishes and thoughts are great, prayers are the BEST, but sometimes the thoughts and words need feet put to action, and y'all did it!

    Love ya!

  7. Truly beautiful! Your quilting is so wonderful, especially with all that luscious thread. I'd love to see how it finishes. It's really going to be special

  8. Gorgeous! I absolutely love your quilting style! Are the two top pictures of the back side of the others?

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