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This was just tons of fun to quilt!  I loved doing it.  I can’t wait to try out the suede fabric I bought too.  edit: See my 4/4/12 post “Rawhide” here for more info!
Yes, it is for sale — in my Etsy shop here.

I first quilted the feathers in Rainbows, tri-lobal polyester, in a blue variegated combo, going back and outlining them about 3/8″ apart in the same blue.

 I continued the blue quilting, for the outside space apart from the feathers, surrounding them with varying free motion quilting motifs.

I used Masterpiece in blue for the bobbin thread.  Worked beautifully!  I used a commercial batik from my stash for the backing.


I couldn’t resist trying a little bit of ‘hot’ color, so I went with a solid orange, this time, a Ricky Tims Studio thread in a polyester, a 40 weight also, and for the ‘hyper quilting’ (as Patsy Thompson calls it), I used a variegated bright pink and orange combo in Rainbows once again.

I’m tickled with the results, really.  Although I would like to experiment with different shapes… so I’m ready to get back to doing more feathers, and figuring out some more designs.  If you’re interested in feathers you cannot go wrong buying any of the books or DVD’s from Patsy Thompson’s website.  I learned what I know from her!!

 So whatdaya think?  Would you like to free motion quilt or play with this fabric?  Or does it interest you at all?  If so… would you like to win some?  If so… then see below!
If not – then thank you for your input!  I’m still looking for other types of leather fabrics… just haven’t had time to get to the stores or do searching on the internet.  If you do, would you please let me know?  I’d love to hear about it!

April Blog Love — here we go! I’ll pick a winner for the fabric, from those who comment on this post… and I’ll do that and announce it in my Monday morning, April 16th, post. I will send the winner a fat quarter size piece (or larger) of fabric. 
Soli Deo Gloria! 

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  1. Hi Les, Love the quilting on your Rawhide piece. I never would have thought to quilt on faux leather. This would make a fantastic "quilted fabric" to construct a purse out of. Cute border collie pups too!

  2. I can hardly wait to try this. I found three four inch by five inch pieces of faux leather at the thrift store yesterday and I'm going to try this as soon as I finish typing. Love the texture. Love the 'one of' factor, too. As always, well done Leslie.

  3. Not a bit of breakage, or tearing, whatsoever, I'm happy to say. It really was flawless, and I believe that is because I used that leather needle, which is actually shaped like a spear. I hope you DO try it (or maybe I'll be sending you some!)! I still have to check out that ferfab/Ferret gal, too. Thanks Lynn!

  4. Now you really have me itching to try quilting on some of the fake leather I have. Did you have any trouble with back stitching breaking the leather or tearing it? I had been contemplating doing feathers too but wondered if all the back stitching would work on it.

  5. Oh my goodness, what fun you must have had quilting this – it's gorgeous! And I love your choice in the backing fabric, too.

  6. Kristin – thank you for the sweet note! and the great info! Will check them all out; saw the Ferret leather… that's what I would like to find with the rough edges! Wish me luck!

  7. Love it! I am looking forward in trying feathers on leather. I would never have thought of doing it. Thanks for the inspiration. I am now working on a table runner on batik with a long feather down the middle. How wide did you make the leather runner?

  8. I love the puppies – so adorable!

    I love your quilting on the leather. The leather makes a great canvas for your stitching! Love the colors, too.

    It's nice that you're doing a give-away, but don't enter me – I haven't learned free motion quilting yet so it would be wasted on me!

    Re: the leather – you had asked on an earlier post – a fabric store I worked in when I lived in St. Louis called Artistic Fabrics carried faux leather. Many of these really looked like leather. I looked at their website a few days ago to see what they had, and they didn't have much. I don't know if they don't carry it anymore or if they just didn't have any in stock. You could always try them (http://www.artisticfabrics.com/)Also, and this may not be so helpful, but have you ever heard of the quilt artist named Ferret? I saw photos of some pieces she did in leather which were amazing. She would probably tell you where she gets her leather, but since she lives in the UK, it may not be practical. Perhaps you could use google, maybe leather supplies, of leather sources?

  9. Yes… I did use a LEATHER needle, size 90/14, and it's quite unique in it's design. I might have to experiment with a topstitch… but that leather needle was FLAWLESS — part of why I think it went so darn smoothly!

  10. Oh how beautiful Leslie! Your feathers are just gorgeous! I have several of Patsy's books but have not yet found the time to really practice like I would like… gotta get that on the priority list! I've never seen leather fabric – interesting! It gives a whole different feel and look to the piece. Do you use a special needle?

  11. Beautiful. I am just starting to get comfortable with feathers and have a long way to go yet for them to look as good as yours. I would love to try "doodling" on some leather. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. The quilting looks beautiful! I, too, am a big fan of Patsy Thompson and have learned so much from her! What a cool idea to quilt on such a different fabric. I would love to try it! Thanks for the opportunity and for sharing your ideas!

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