February ~ “Heart’s Afire” ~

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Hello friends; Happy Monday!

Here’s my prelude to “March Madness” ~ Heart Madness! {lol} what do you think?  While it’s not March, it’s time for hearts!  Even tho I love watching college basketball, and especially “March Madness.” Playing basketball was a major factor in keeping me focused, and motivated in my high school years.  I went on to play college ball {in Montana} for a couple years, and still love to watch this game!  {Go MSU Bobcats Women’s Team!}  

My little bit of playtime began with these stencils.  Did you notice they seem to be the hot new art supply, this year?

These two  designed by my friend, designer-extraordinare, Margaret Applin.

I’ve replenished my supply of s.e.i. tumble dyes, and … several hours, and lots of messy hands and fingernails, later, here are my results

 Bright!  {pretty} SPRING colors.  I can’t seem to do much of anything else, these days! 

 And today, we actually have lots of sunshine, melting snow and ice, a light, fresh breeze, and a {hint} of spring in the air!

 My biggest challenge?  Staying focused from printing to printing!  I get so excited about the color play… that I forget what I’m spraying sometimes.

 But even so… when things get a little sloppy with the build up of spray on the stencil, there is no ‘bad’ print; not in my playbook!

 These are all winners, but I like the one above, where it shows a hint of shadowing in the negative space.  BUT!  I love this ‘blue n white’ print below {lots!}.

 You can see where the white fabric is a ‘white on white’ print… lovely texture underneath… but very subtle.

 And then this one! Again, I not only love the fun, upbeat spring pastel palette, but the hint of shadow in the background of the negative space.

 Then… a surprise twist of boldness and high contrast ~ I think I like this one best!

 While I’m not sure where these yummy little hearts will go in another project, I have one big question for ya’ll:  which one do you like best?  Have any of you tried Margaret’s new line of stencils, yet?

I have a couple ideas for making some collages, or artsy quilts with these… but my weekend, as fabulous as it was, is done!  

Have a great week, everyone!  Salute ~ Baltimore Ravens! Coach Harbaugh is a class act, as is Ray Lewis. 

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  1. They are all lovely but my favorite is the third from the end , just really love the colors in that one. Thanks for sharing !!

  2. I think I agree with you on my favourites. I've seen a few different stencils out there lately but I think Margaret's are the best! I love everything she does. It will be fun to see what you do with these.
    I don't have any spray paints though I've improvised with spray bottles and fabric paints. I may have to order some.
    It does look like lots of fun!

  3. I like the softness of the first one. But I really like the soft edges you are getting so the heart is not totally outlined. good stuff

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