A Few Stitches in Time ~

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Time — stitching time that is — to get the party started!

I played with piece, stamping ‘mums’ in white paint, using one of my rubber stamps.  Auditioning a few other embellishments, too…

Time to add a bit of bobbin play, using YLI Candelight styled thread.  Beautiful thread.  You can get the same color in Razzle Dazzle, by Superior, FYI!

I added some organza layers, too, just for the SHEER thrill of it!

While my machine’s tension adjustment on the bobbin case was set up… I moved on to this next paper fabric piece with some bobbin play, too!  (Don’t want her to feel left out).  Perhaps you will recognize the Tulip design as one from Margaret Applin’s thermofax screens?  Go visit her blog!  You won’t be sorry! So Beautiful.

 For the tulip piece, I changed to this creamy white thread which is a YLI brand pearl crown rayon, instead of the shiny iridescent thread on the pink piece.

I think I’ll add some more threadplay to the tulips… but in what color, I don’t know yet. I’m having a great time!  I hope you are too!

Thanks for checkin’ it out! 
EnJOY ~ Leslie

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  1. Oh, the white stitching is wonderful. I like the understated combined with some bling. Margaret's site is all kinds of wonderful. I luv the creative diversity that one can find through blogging because each of us sees and creates differently. One tulip seen through many pairs of eyes, the same only different. Viva la difference!

  2. It's beautiful, Leslie. I love the organza that you added to the mums. I'm very curious as to how you did since there appear to be a lot of little pieces. I added tulle to some of mine last week,k but I was able to stitch it down in one piece.

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