fiesta tablerunner #2 with kaffe fasset and alison glass ~

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well… here she is.  another version of the kaffe fasset stripes and shot cottons, paired with a new panel out in the market now, from alison glass.  it’s called “ex libris” and although i don’t have a photo of the panel, it’s contains four circles, all a type of collage, in a color wheel setting, and it can be purchased on a gray or white backing i believe.  i purchased mine at the sewing palace bernina when i was in helena mt a few weeks ago. i will  be teaching the collage class for them, july 29th and 30th, and have joined their roster as a regular teacher of other new classes in the fall. i’m excited, honored and privileged to be doing more… of what i love: creating, teaching, and learning.  more! 

while this tablerunner isn’t what i would call “collage” ~ it is beautifully colorful and simple to do!  as i said in yesterday’s post, jelly roll strips are the catalyst for creating a striking, and simple design.  i cut the alison glass panel circles into halves, and fused them on with steam-a-seam2 lite.

then… adding a bit of punch with a basic utility stitch that is on almost every machine out there… the “triple straight stitch.”  it does actually stitch three times, in one place, and builds up the thickness and presence of the thread.  i chose a variegated 40 wt. 100% egyptian cotton thread … this one is king tut from superior threads... so pretty!! 

my tip:  lengthen the stitch out to the max!  for me, this is length of 6.0, as far as my machine would go.  test your tension, and drop it down a small bit as needed.  i also used superior’s masterpiece 50 wt egyptian cotton in the bobbin.   i didn’t measure the lines, with the exception of marking a center line, and from then on, i just used the edge of my foot as a guide, and engaged the dual feed on my bernina 830.  a walking foot will certainly do the job well, too.

i also decided to switch stitches every other row.  i did this quite easily by just touching the plain ol’ basic straight stitch, lengthening it out a bit too… about 4.0 to 4.5 or so… give or take your personal preference.  and then for each row of stitching, all i had to do was touch one stitch or the other, as the temporary altered stitch memory in my machine remembers the setting on each stitch.  easy-peasy!  

i did take an extra step and effort to switch the bobbin thread color every 5-6 lines of stitching or so.  why?  well, because it just looks so cool on the back!  you’ll see it down below… and i don’t get too caught up whether the lines are ‘perfect’ and straight or even.  not even!  just have fun, because an uneven line now and then is part of the charm!

dream team look, with basic skills:

so that’s how it finishes.  fun. easy. and really quite simple and straightforward {pardon the pun}!  i love it.  and i hope you will love to try this fun application too!

soli deo gloria!

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  1. This table runner is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it. Did you stitch down the edges of the circles? If so, how? Thanks.

  2. Pretty any way you look at it! Have fun teaching the class. Maybe you'll need to journey down here to our neck of the woods one day to teach???

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