First Time Playing with Decolourant

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This is a new product for me to try, ever.  It’s called DeColourant; I’ve seen it on other blogs, and in magazines… so I thought it would be fun to experiment with.  And it is!  However, at $8.50 for this tiny bottle, it’s a pricey little item.

So what does it do?  It removes color, simply, and ‘cleanly’ as in, it smells fairly nice, as compared to bleach.  This is the ‘clear’ one, and it removes color to a white.  You can also buy this product so it removes the color of your fabric, AND deposits another color.  Oh yeah, I’ve got some of that to try, too.  I’m a sucker for an experiment.  Haven’t gotten that far… yet. 

 And I wanted to try my Gelli Printing plate with this product.  If you’d like to see a great post about it, look at the experiment by Lynn from the blog, Fibraartysta — she gives a review of the Gelli printing plate; you can view it by clicking here

 I began with a foam stamp, as my inspiration for a design.  Then I removed the protective, clear cover, and got to start playing. 

I spread the Decolourant on with a black foam brush.

 Then I stamped the impression, using my foam stamp, seen above.  The stamp has a tendency to want to slide, so press gently!  It’s not meant to be, you know — perfect.  I think the new ‘hot’ word in mixed media is ‘deconstructed.’  Not sure what that means, exactly.  To me, it means unexpected and unplanned.   

So I laid a piece of my hand-dyed fabric from this summer’s yardplay, on top of the Gelli plate, and pressed lightly, and peeled it off.  Let it dry.  Be patient.  Yeah, right.  I put in front of my fireplace.  Then iron.  That’s when the color is removed.

 I used a fabric doilie, too.  Love the pattern on the fabric, above…  Sorry – forgot to take a picture of the doilie, but I think you get the effect.  You can see the circle of the knitted pattern if you look closely.  Below, is the stamp.  It smeared a bit, but that I expected, given how the stamp slid on the plate.  You can also see the foam brush marks.  What do you think? 

Anyway, I like it.  Alot!  Not bad for a first go, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else it can doWhat will I do with it, you ask?  I can hear you guys!  Cut it up!  Sew it back together.  Layer it with something else.  Maybe turn it into Valentines… it’s such a pretty color. 

Have you tried this product yet?  Let me know if you have, or if you have some great videos or other resources worth checking out.  

It’s a New Year of creating!  Yay!

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  1. Wonderful pics in your post and I love how you used the plate in your project… thanks for sharing on the Gelli facebook page!

  2. I love DeColourant! It's great fun removing color and adding it back! I have some more experiments planned for the new year also. I tried using stamps, but I liked it best with stencils. I'd like to try it with a brush next.

  3. I think that's a really fun product. I found out that I could add my own fabric paint to it to create my own Decolourant Plus!

  4. I read through Lynn's tutorial the other day. I have the plate, the decolorant and lots of other stuff. I haven't used the 2 together though. I get stuff and then I have a hard time to find the time to try them.

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