Flowers Reunited ~

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Here we go!  I’m on a roll… here is leftover finish #1! 

These four blocks have been orphaned for many, many years!  The result of a “I messed this up” and now what” kind of project!  {ever had that happen?}

Well… I still… LOVE these blocks!  But because I used the wrong fusible web… and there were so many layers of it… they were impossible to quilt!

When I found these, I decided I must attempt a rejuvenation of some kind... I had nothing to lose, for sure.  So I thought I would at least piece them together, and see how that turned out… yay!  That worked just fine. But then…now what? came again… Then suddenly, COUCHING was the answer.  {not me… the sewing machine} and my wonderful Bernina #43 free motion couching foot! 


But… they  n e e d   something else… don’t they?

Yes, indeedy.

Enter stage left:  my Bernina #39 couching foot!

And make it messy!  I like it! 

Add quilting with YLI Variations, 100% polyester thread, and badda bing badda boom!  And that’s how it’s DONE.

For quilting in the outside border, I added one of my favorite phrases that I think is quite appropriate for this quilt… {and more}:

God will turn a Mess into a Message
a Test into a Testimony
a Trial into a Triumph, and
a Victim into a Victory!  
Yes.  {even for quilts} He does!  Amen.
Soli Deo Gloria

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  1. Love it!!!! Waste not, want not…as they say! And you certainly don't waste anything…and you can make a 'silk purse out of a sow's ear'…ok, I'll quit while I'm ahead or behind! The best to you in 2013!!! so nice 'meeting' you through your blog!!!
    p.s. I wore my pin on my white coat while we traveled!!! Thanks again! It looked great! Even at 4:00 a.m. doggie potty breaks!!

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